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Peppersdegabritho Zwergschnauzer / Miniature Schnauzer
Erfahren sie mehr über uns, unsere Freunde und unsere Hunde .... 
Hear more about us, our friends and our dogs ....
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Alles über Gesundheit, Ernährung, Pflege, Shows, Training, Zucht ....
All about health, nutrition, grooming, shows, training, breeding ....
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Hier gibt es die schönsten Bilder unser Hunde, privat und auf Shows ....
Here you find the most beautiful pictures of our dogs ....
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Here you find movies with our dogs, in all stages of their live ....
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"The Schnauzer Blues" zum Anhören! / Listen to "The Schnauzer Blues"!

"The Schnauzer Blues" Text zum Mitlesen! / Read the lyrics!

I came here today, I'm gonna tell ya some news
It's a long sad story but it won't make you snooze
It ain't about cars and it ain't about booze
It's a tale about how I got The Schnauzer Blues

I got the blues,
The Schnauzer Blues

My ma and her man took a ride out of town
I did not know what was about to go down
What once was a smile, quickly turned to a frown
My life got changed when those dogs came around

They gave me the blues,
The Schnauzer Blues

Two little ladies name a' Lizzie and Priss
Pretty little grey and a black little miss
Liz's ears are pointy and Prissy's are floppy
They like to kiss me in my mouth, Eww it's so sloppy

They give me the blues
The Schnauzer Blues

I've never seen such silliness and such spoilin' rotten
All the toys and treats and love won't be forgotten
These dogs wear little sweaters and they ride in the car
And when Mom and Dad go off you know it won't be far

They give me the blues
The Schnauzer Blues

They can't leave the girls more than 4 hours dammit
They have to leave the TV on to Animal Planet
Forget going out cause "We have to get home"
"Can the puppies come too so they won't be alone?"

I'll tell you.. what I want to do
Make me up a big batch. of schnauzer stew

Sew me up. a schnauzer hat
Tell me what. you think of that

Daddy goes a-walking 5 times a day
So they can make pottie-pottie and run and play
Digging holes and eatin bugs is the where the girls love to be
Mommie washes off their little feet and cleans their pee-pee

They gave me the blues
The Schnauzer Blues
Now the moral of the story is not what it may seem
I really love those little girls they are really a dream
They love Mom & Dad, really light up their life
I guess puppy-dog love is worth all of this strife

They gave me the blues,
The little dog blues

Yeah I had the blues,
The two dog blues

I had the blues,
The Schnauzer Blues

© Constance A. Zimmermann