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» DEYA Photo Shooting with MINNIE & NIMMERSATT Peppersdegabritho

» DEYA Photo Shooting with KRAWUZI Peppersdegabritho "Wuzi"

» DEYA Photo Shooting with EMILA Tostom "Emi"

» Averts

» Schnauzer Wedding

» Sasquehanna Majovka "Maja"

» Emila "Emi" on Tour

» Obedience training weekend Föderlach

» Schnauzer-Pinscher Walk 2008

» Schnauzer-Pinscher Walk 2007

» Walk to "Türkensturz" near Seebenstein

» Puppy Meeting

» Minnies Puppies leave the house 2010

» Emis Puppies leave the house 2008

» Emis Puppies leave the house 2007

» Iras Puppies leave the house 2006

» Kalis Puppies leave the house 2006


The Phantastic 4

Emi, Wuzi, Pepper & Jacob

Emi & Wuzi

Künstlerin: Martina Kapralkova
Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Frauchen - uns gibt es auch auf der Torte !

Happy Birthday 2008 !
DEYA - Photo Shooting with Minnie & Nimmersatt Peppersdegabritho

Nimmersatt & Minnie Peppersdegabritho


Privates Photo Shooting mit DEYA Photography


Minnie Peppersdegabritho

Nimmersatt Peppersdegabritho
DEYA - Photo Shooting with Krawuzi Peppersdegabritho "Wuzi"

Krawuzi Peppers de Gabritho mit Handler Denis Sabolic


Privates Photo Shooting mit DEYA Photography


Wuzi bei Crufts 2007

im NEC Birmingham, UK

Wir treffen Barry Day (Rispark Kennel), einen der Pioniere der britischen Schnauzerzucht

Wuzi in Wels
DEYA - Photo Shooting with Emila Tostom "Emi"

Emila Tostom with Handler Denis Sabolic

The Man with the Magic Touch

Emila Tostom

Emila Tostom with Handler Denis Sabolic

Emila Tostom

Emila Tostom
World Junior Winner - World Dog Show 2006, Poznan (PL)

KRAWUZI Peppersdegabritho - Weltjugendsieger 2006 mit Professional Handler Fabrizio Manni (I)


Croatian Kennel Magazine 2007

Advert in the Croatian Kennel Magazin 2007

Crufts 2007

Our Dogs Magazine

OurDogs 2009

Inserat in OurDogs 2009

OurDogs Gazette 2008

Inserat im OurDogs Magazin 2008

OurDogs 2008

Inserat in OurDogs 2008

OurDogs 2007 / Dog World 2007

Inserat in OurDogs und DogWorld 2007

DEYA - Professional Canine Photography

Handout Folder DEYA - Professional Canine Photography (World Dog Show 2006, Poznan)

World Junior Winner

Schnauzer Weddings

Die ganze Hochzeitsgesellschaft

Lilo und Lilly gratulieren

After 7 Jahren, on the 07.07.2007, mummy and daddy had their wedding. And 7 schnauzers joined them!



Stephanie & Mario

Bride & groom with "Pepper"

March 21st, 2009 Peppers "sister" Stephanie and Mario were wed. This time, only Pepper was at the wedding.


Sasquehanna Majovka "Maja"

Little black-silver "Maja" has found a new home, in the middle of the "Green Heart of Austria", in Styria. She is the star model of her new owner. A real Top-Model!

Maja Cover Girl in Kurier, 20.03.2007

Das "Original"

"Maja" enjoys her "leashless" live in Styria, with her new owner Markus Leodolter. A perfect match. [www.leofoto.at]


The first real snow

heia this is such fun

Styian snow is best.



Das ist Prinz, der grosse Bruder

"Maja" has a lot of new friends. Especially "Majas" big brother "Prinz". You can see that.



Thats very nice

Emila on Tour

Our little girl "Emi" has gone on her first big journey and spent a whole week with our professional handler Denis Sabolic and his family.

Emi and her new friend

There is no place but the bed!

"Emi" is growing into a self confident young lady and brings her first champion title back from her journey. At only 16 months, Emila is already Bosnia & Herzegovina Champion. 


Obedience Training Camp 

Work needs Play
Handover of Certificates

Jacob and Pepper attend an obendience training weekend in Carinthia. Exhausting, but very sourceful. Jacob passed his BGH-2 Exam and Pepper had an intensive GH-1 training. 

The whole family

A bath in river Drau is funny

Between the training we had some fun races. A good game for dog and owner.

Jacob at the start

Pepper gives her best at the run
Schnauzer-Pinscher Walk 2008

All Schnauzerand Pinscher Friends

On 20.05.2006 more than 50 Schnauzer and Pinscher Lovers with their 80 dogs met for a walk to the "Hexenhügel" near Krensdorf. The schnauzers were outnumbered by pinschers, but all schnauzer sizes were present. Although most of them in pfeffer-salt. 

Lilly and Minnie are there as well 

The Meeting Point

Some time can be ued for grooming

The Schnauzens

Beautiful weather, hot and dry. Our schnauzers are looking for places in the shadow.
Schnauzer-Pinscher Walk 2007

Unsere Schnauzerfreunde

20.05.2006 more than 50 Schnauzer and Pinscher Lovers with more than 80 dogs met for a walk to the Wienerwald. Almost all breeds and colours were present. 

A beautiful day 

The rise

its beautiful to run in those fields

Its cooler in the woods

Sometimes it was a bit exhausting, but as a whole a beautiful walk. Our dogs had a lot of fun.


Feeding the beasts

Patient! !

But now we are really thirsty

Schnauzer Pack
Walk to Türkensturz near Seebenstein

A nice Schnauzer Pack

Wuzi, Emi, Jacob, Ewa & Pepper

09.04.2006 we had a beautiful walk with our friends from ÖGV Felixdorf. More than 30 dogs were happily running through the fields and woods on our way to Türkensturz. 

Finally there

Kali & Maja

It was a lot of fun. Even our youngster Emi and Wuzi were walking almost the whole route.

The more you beg, the more you get

Finally resting after a long walk
Puppy Meeting



Each year we invite our babies and their families to play with each other.


The boys from our K-Litter (Kasperl, Kasimir & Krawuzi)

It is wonderful to watch the development of our puppies. Meanwhile we are a large family.
Minnies Puppies leave the house 2010

Orchidee "Blümchen" with Lilo

Minnie and Lilly are looking forward to "Blümchen" moving in

Our puppies, born 15.02.2010 by our Minnie Peppersdegabritho, are now old enough to travel into the world. Little Orchidee "Blümchen" however doens't need to go far. Lilos garden is well known to her and Lilly & Minnie are happy that their baby will stay.



Obelix with his new mum Uschi Kreil and her partner

He will move closeby to Baden

Obelix is next. He will stay closeby. Maybe this will help us to see him a bit more often.


Farewell to Oh Jessica

"Jessie" with her new parents the Lettner family

Oh Jessicas journey is a bit longer. Our little darling will go to Salzburg and will run a company there. We think that the little "Business Woman" will run her family very soon.


Origami "Valentin" with Maxi and Grete Mayer

"Valentin" will enter in a carrier as Showman

Origami "Valentin" goes to Maxi our young Junior Handler. He will have a lot of fun with their Afghan Honds. Hopefully we will see him in the Show Ring soon.


Ophelia with Agnes Husslein and her daughter

She will be pampered a lot in the Husslein household

Ophelia is last. She will live with Wuzis half brother Harry Potter De GabriTho "Prince Harry". I'm afraid it won't take long until our "Pinky" will be the ruler of the house. Harrys quiet live will definitely be over with this little rascal. 


Emis Pippies leave the house 2008

Nikolaus with his new mum Christa Gary

and his new brother Hardy

Our Babies, born 21.08.2008 by our Emila Tostom, are ready to leave the house. Our little Nikolaus is first. He moves to his new brother Hardy Rezlark and will have lot of fun. Him we will miss even more as he has fought for his live so much from the beginning. With the help of our friend Brigitte he had the possibility to develop into this beautiful dog.



Neunmalklug "Lizzie" says farewell

"Lizzie" with her new parents, the Wasitschenko family

Neunmalklug follows in her brothers footsteps. Our little princess is going to the province of Carinthia where she will live in Klagenfurt. The little devil with the face of an angel will keep her owners busy for sure.


the journey us about to begin


Naseweiss is the last of the first round. When he has left, it will be much quieter around for Nimmersatt and Nepomuk. 


Naseweiss bei der "offiziellen" Übergabe

"Noah" mit Margit und Eduard Haberl & seinem Bruder Max

Last but not least also Nepomuk is going away. His parents were very much looking forward to this day.


Nepomuk is ready for the journey

"Nemo" with Emi und Jens Quickner

Just Nimmersatt is left. But he will not leave, but stay with us. He is the latest member of the Schnauzer pack.


Nimmersatt knoes where he belongs

"Nim" is coming along nicely with his "brothers & sisters"

We are looking forward to his first shows. Hopefully he will step into Wuzis footsteps.
Emis Puppies leave the house 2007

Mouce "Wuzi II" gets his new collar

Mouce and his new family, Ingrid and Gerhard Seipt

Our babies, born 18.08.2007 by our Emila Tostom are ready to go into their new homes. Mouce is first. He will be called "Wuzi II", in honor of his father.



Moritz "Toby" is leaving

Moritz "Toby" with his new parents Lorna and Chris Clarke

Moritz is next. He is travelling to Salzburg where he will live with his family until they move on to the UK. Moritz is called "Toby" now. He is our first baby registered in the stud book of the "British Kennel Club".


Tobys new friends Elena und Matthew


Max is the last of the first round. When he reaches home, Minnie and Mickey will be the only babies waiting for their big journey. 


Max is "officially" handed over

Max with his new family Margit and Eduard Haberl

Minnie is now also in her new home. She wasn't picked up, but came with me to Vienna where Lilo and Lilly were waiting for the new family member.


Minnie has finally arrived at Lilos

The new home has a beautiful garden. Perfect to run and play

Mickey has to wait a bit longer until his new mum comes back from holidays. He will pay a visit to Minnie in the meantime. When the two of them are getting too crazy, they have to calm down in their baby bed.


Minnie und Mickey im Gitterbett

Aber gemütlich ist es schon

Finally also Mickey is leaving. His new mum is back from holidays and takes her boy home.


Mickey gets his new collar

Mickey with his new mum Maria Singer
Emis Puppies experience their new homes

Mouce is watching TV

Mouce AFTER lots of chicken legs !

Mouce "Wuzi II" is having a lazy time in front of the TV. Lying on mummys belly is wonderful. You can see how well he feels. And by the way, the food is marvelous. Mummy is the best cook. And its no problem to share.


Mouce and his new friend

Minnie and Lilly

Kleines Schnauzerchen und grosse Schwester

Minnie has got a new "big sister". Lilly is taking care of the baby and teaches her everything a little puppy needs to know.


Lilly shows Minnie everything she needs to know

...and a lot of funny things as well

Minnie feels already at home

A cool live

Moritz "Toby" with Elena and Matthew

Very tired!

Moritz "Toby" has also settled down nicely in his new home and enjoys live with the kids. He loves gardening, especially when there are lots of leaves around.

Moritz has a "hard live

lots of work to do


its necessary to rest

Moritz and his "big brother"

Moritz with Elena & Matthew

Iras Puppies leaves the house 2006

Laurin Peppersdegabritho in his travel bag

Laurin and his new family, Macus Hof and Tschu-Ti Liu

Our two boys born 07.08.2006 by our Iron Maiden de GabriTho, have packed their bags and are prepared to leave. Once agin we have to let our babies go.


Laurin is already a big boy

Laurin and daddy lying on the couch

Laurin has grown into a real couch potato. Its very nice to "lazy" around with daddy.


Laurin with mummy

Laurin with daddy

Laurin knows his way around alreay very well. With mum and dad it is best.


I am sooo tired

During teething time ears can pop

Laurin is called "Pepper" or "Peppi" now. A real pepper&salt.


Little Joe loves his chair

Little Joe is totally exhausted

Little Joe can be very lazy as well.

Our darling Little Joe is no longer with us. He died too early in an accident. Nothing could be done any more. He is safely gone over the Rainbow Bridge. We miss him greatly

Kalis puppies leave the house 2006

Kasimir Peppersdegabritho in his travel suit

Kasimir "Murphy" with the Meckl family

Our Puppies born 13.01.2006 by our Inter-Lux Champion Gillegaard Zyan Kali are now old enough to be release into the world. With a feeling of safness we allow them to go.

Kasperl Peppersdegabritho in his travel bed

Kasperl and the Fleisch family

Our puppies are lucky to have been chosen by such nice families. We hope to see the puppies and their owners in the future again.

Karamba Peppersdegabritho in the travel crate

Karamba "Leila" and the Groessmann family

Krawuzi does not need to go far. He has decided to stay where he was. He is now part of our pack. Look how comfortable it is here.

Krawuzi Peppersdegabritho with "Pepper"

Krawuzi Peppersdegabritho with "Emi"
Kalis Puppies are experiencing their new homes

Kasimir is very trendy

Dried lung is vry tasty

Kasimir has taken over his new home very quickly and he has taken over his family as well. But who wonders with such cuty.

Kasperl prefers to rest

Kasperl within his loved ones

Kasperl loves his place in bed. Between his "new parents" is the best space.

New freindships

Now come, play with me

Maybe I was a little nasty after all

Kasimir "Murphy" has found a rather big girlfriend. But who is impressed by size anyway?


Kasimir "Murphy" on holidays

Cool Boy

God - this is exhausting

Kasimir "Murphy" likes being pampered in his holidays. But it was really exhausting during the last couple of months. A good rest is necessary, but always with style - on a motoryacht in Italy.


Now I need to rest

Mummy where are you, hurry up
Kasimir "Murphy" wishes a Merry Christmas

Mummy, is that necessary?

Such stupid hat

Kasimir "Murphy" wishes Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.


So many toys

Very nice tiger!

Kasimir "Murphy" pays a Christmas visit to Pepper, Jacob, Emi & Wuzi.


Kasimir "Murphy" after his bath

It is very tiresom

Kasimir "Murphy" is totally exhausted from his bath. He needs to rest a bit.