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The Schnauzer Blues © Constance A. Zimmermann
Connie Zimmermann & The Jefferson Bus Stop Band

Maybe you always wanted to find a song about Miniature Schnauzers - finally your search ends here. The ultimate Song does exist. It is "The Schnauzer Blues" by Connie Zimmermann & The Jefferson Bus Stop Band.

A song about 2 little Schnauzer girls, who have changed the life of their family completely. Lizzie und Priss have taken the hearts of their owners and turned their life upside down. 

"The Jefferson Bus Stop Band" was originally founded in 2001 in Lousiana and had four members: Cath Wilson, Jeremy Deubler, Connie Zimmermann & Adam Hayward. The band was specialised in playing oldies, rock'n roll, pop, rhythm & blues and country music. Two members wrote their own Songs. One of these originals is "The Schnauzer Blues", written by Connie Zimmermann. 

Unfortunately the hurrican Katrina catastrophy in September 2003 brought a sudden end to the bands performance. The band does no longer exist. But its songs are not forgotten. Especially "The Schnauzer Blues".  

I'm very grateful to Connie Zimmermann who allowed me to introduce her song on my website. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Please be aware that this song and all its rights to it are solely owned by Connie Zimmermann. Any kind of commercial use without the consent of Connie Zimmermann constitutes a breach of copyright. 

Adam Hayward, Cath Wilson, Jeremy Deubler & Connie Zimmermann
(photo courtesy Richard Wilson)

Lizzie & Priss

Lizzie und Priss are the little Schnauzer girls the song is all about. And you can imagine how special they are, that Connie was inspired to write a song about them. They live with Connies parents and meanwhile are matured ladies, still being typical funny Schnauzers. 

Mid 2007 a tragedy almost took them both from their onwers. They almost died because of pet food based on products manufactured China, containing a poison called Melamine. There have been thousands of pet deaths in the US due to Melamine. Melamine causes Kidney failure in both cats and dogs. Thank god that Lizzie and Priss survived. >>more

In Memoriam: 

At 8:55 this morning, April 23,2008 after a long and valiant fight against the melamine poison, Lizzie Belle Cook passed away. Lizzie was very much loved. Her family and her friend Prizzy are very sad and angry about her dead.

We wish little Lizzie a peaceful life on the other side. She will remain in our hearts.


March 31, 1998 to April 23, 2008
Rest in Peace Liz

In Memoriam: 

On September 16th, 2010, exactly 2 years and 6 months after her "sister" Lizzie, Prissy "Pristletoe" Cook died from the melamin poisoning she'd suffered in 2008. This means that both schnauzer girls from "The Schnauzerblues" by our friend Connie Zimmermann are dead. Also Prizzys live was taken my poisoned dog food, conterminated with toxic substances made in China. A long an terrible death.

Prizzy has helped her family to cope with their loss after Lizzie died. Her passing away therefore brings even more grief to her family.

We wish little Prizzy that she will meet her sister Lizzie on the other side and that they will have fun. We all will miss her very, very much.


July 26, 1998 to September 16, 2010
Rest min Peace Prissy

Lizzie & Priss

(photo courtesy Connie Zimmermann)

Lizzie & Priss

alias "Lizzybell" & "Pristletoe"

Lizzie with "Dad"

Priss with "Dad"
Listen to "The Schnauzer Blues" here!
"The Schnauzer Blues" Lyrics to read!

I came here today, I'm gonna tell ya some news
It's a long sad story but it won't make you snooze
It ain't about cars and it ain't about booze
It's a tale about how I got The Schnauzer Blues

I got the blues,
The Schnauzer Blues

My ma and her man took a ride out of town
I did not know what was about to go down
What once was a smile, quickly turned to a frown
My life got changed when those dogs came around

They gave me the blues,
The Schnauzer Blues

Two little ladies name a' Lizzie and Priss
Pretty little grey and a black little miss
Liz's ears are pointy and Prissy's are floppy
They like to kiss me in my mouth, Eww it's so sloppy

They give me the blues
The Schnauzer Blues

I've never seen such silliness and such spoilin' rotten
All the toys and treats and love won't be forgotten
These dogs wear little sweaters and they ride in the car
And when Mom and Dad go off you know it won't be far

They give me the blues
The Schnauzer Blues

They can't leave the girls more than 4 hours dammit
They have to leave the TV on to Animal Planet
For-get going out cause "We have to get home"
"Can the puppies come too so they won't be alone?"

I'll tell you…. what I want to do
Make me up a big batch… of schnauzer stew

Sew me up… a schnauzer hat
Tell me what… you think of that

Daddy goes a-walking 5 times a day
So they can make pottie-pottie and run and play
Digging holes and eatin bugs is the where the girls love to be
Mommie washes off their little feet and cleans their pee-pee

They gave me the blues
The Schnauzer Blues
Now the moral of the story is not what it may seem
I really love those little girls they are really a dream
They love Mom & Dad, really light up their life
I guess puppy-dog love is worth all of this strife

They gave me the blues,
The little dog blues

Yeah I had the blues,
The two dog blues

I had the blues,
The Schnauzer Blues

© Constance A. Zimmermann