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The Nanny

This page is dedicated to a very special friend. Brigitte - also known as "The Nanny". 

I first met Brigitte Vlach when visiting dog training classes with Pepper. Me a total greenhorn and she an experienced dog owner and trainer already. She always has had dogs in her life. Her previous dog, Anka a Münsterländer girl, sadly had died a couple of months before and therefore Barno and Sarah came into Brigittes house at the same time as Pepper joined our life. Barno, a Canaan Dog boy and Sarah, a Kromforländer crossbreed girl.


Barno & Sarah

Brigitte lives in Sollenau, a little village close by. Every morning we meet at a nearby madow to walk all our dogs. Thats were our pack can run as much as they like. Each mouce, every rabbit or bird is followed enthusiastically. Each hole is inspected thoroughly and sometimes they even catch a mouce. At the end of our morning walk Jacob, Wuzi and Emi jump into Brigittes car and stay with Barno and Sarah during the day, while Pepper comes with me to the office. Everyone can guess, that our dogs are mad about Brigitte. When they meet her, its all about cuddling and kissing, totally in live with her.

Brigitte with Wuzi, Emi, Jacob, Sarah, Pepper & Barno (l.to r.)

Brigitte with Wuzi, Pepper, Sarah, Barno, Jacob & Emi (l.to r.)

Brigitte is also helping me nursing the babies, she is cuddling and playing with the puppies a lot during the first weeks of their life. Its also thanks to er, that they are socialized so well and prepared for their new life with their owners. 

As soon as our pregnant bitches start with delivering, Brigitte comes over to us to help. That way we've already spent a lot of nights waiting for all the puppies to be born. I'm very thankful to Brigitte, she is a very important part of our schnauzer project..

Brigitte with Emi & Niki

Brigitte with N-litter puppies


Brigitte & Barno - Obedience 3

Brigitte is also a trainer for agility in our local dog training school and she has won a lot of agility tournaments with her dog Barno herself. Barno has also succeeded in all 3 levels of obedience.

Furthermore Barno has achieved a couple of CAC, CACIB and BOB, as well as the Austrian Champion title.