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January 22nd, 2011, after 10 years of joy with this proud and beautiful cat, we had to let our beloved Sidney go to bring his suffering to an end. Despite all the pain this decision gave us, we are happy that he didn't have to feel pain any more.

Especially Gracey takes it very hard, now that her friend is gone. Sidney, you have brought a lot of love in our lives, we will aleways love you. We wish you a happy new life on the other side of the rainbow bridge. We will always keep you in our hearts.

October 3rd, 2000 - January 22nd, 2011
Rest in Peace Sidney


Sidney was a cute Baby!




On September 16th, 2010, exactly 2 years and 6 months after her "sister" Lizzie, Prissy "Pristletoe" Cook died from the melamin poisoning she'd suffered in 2008. This means that both schnauzer girls from "The Schnauzerblues" by our friend Connie Zimmermann are dead. Also Prizzys live was taken my poisoned dog food, conterminated with toxic substances made in China. A long an terrible death.

Prizzy has helped her family to cope with their loss after Lizzie died. Her passing away therefore brings even more grief to her family.

We wish little Prizzy that she will meet her sister Lizzie on the other side and that they will have fun. We all will miss her very, very much: » Schnauzerblues

July 26th, 1998 - September 16th, 2010
Rest in Peace Prissy




At 8:55 this morning, April 23,2008 after a long and valiant fight against the melamine poison, Lizzie Belle Cook passed away. Lizzie was one of the two schnauzer girls who inspired our friend Connie Zimmermann to write the song "The Schnauzerblues". Her suffering had been caused by dog food, conterminated with toxic substances made in China. 

Lizzie was very much loved. Her family and her friend Prizzy are very sad and angry about her dead.

We wish little Lizzie a peaceful life on the other side. She will remain in our hearts: » Schnauzerblues

March 31, 1998 to April 23, 2008
Rest in Peace Liz


Lizzie and her sister Priz at their favorite spot - looking out of the window !




January 7th 2008, after a bad illness, before reaching 10, Mandarin has left us forever. Lilo has given him a good life as long as possible by caring for him with atmost love and attention. The littel schnauzer girl Minnie even gave him back his youth, as there was so much he still had to teach her.

With his strong will to live and his well kept beautiful coat, most people even didn't recognise his illness. Mandarin always had a special place in Lilos heart, therefore his loss is even more hard for her. 

We wish dear Mandarin a beautiful life on the other side. He will always be remembered: » Lilly & Lilo

June 18th, 1998 to January 7th, 2008
Rest in Peace Mandarin


Mandarin and Lilly at their watch spot in the tree !




November 18th 2008 at 11 p.m. Speedy the cat and best friend to Niki and Hardy died, totally unexpected and much too early. His mummy and daddy are very sad about this loss, and so are his little schnauzer friends Niki und Hardy.

Speedy was a very proud cat that kept his head high. However, the dead of his first schnauzer friends left a bleeding wound in his heart. Despite his new friends Niki und Hardy, he never was the same again.

We wish dear Speedy a cosy and warm place on the other side of the rainbrowbridge. He will always be remembered by his loved ones: » Hardy

April 18th, 1997 - November 18th, 2008
Rest in Peace Speedy




January 5th 2009, more than 1 week after having difficulties with the birth of her first litter, the little affenpinscher girl died, dispite all efforts of her owner Fritzi and the clinic doctors. This was totally unexpected and unexplicable for everyone. No sign of any illness, taken care of any minute during pregnancy and birth, it was and still is a great shock to all of us.

A small dog, but a big personality. She was a funny and amiable little dog which gave a lot of joy to her owner. We all will miss her very much.

Lakritze is back together again with her puppies. We wish them all a happy and playful life on the other side of the bridge. They will always be in our hearts.

June 6th, 2007 to May 5th, 2009
Rest in Peace Lakritze