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Linda, Lizzie & Priz

Linda Cook is my dear Schnauzer friend from America. She lives in St. Louis, Louisianna, the very US state that was struck by a terrifying and devastating hurricane twice. Linda is the owner of Lizzie & Priz, the two Schauzer girls who had inspired her daughter Connie Zimmermann to write the beautiful » Schnauzerblues. Linda ist a true Schnauzer friend and our solemate. Nobody could describe her relationship to this wonderful breed better than herself: 

“I have spent much of my life contemplating my existence....the how and why I am here on this planet ....and even though I can say that I have achieved the status of a somewhat serene swan resting on the surface of the pond of life but paddling frantically underneath to stay afloat as most women must do...I would not have come this far in my philosophical journey without the unconditional love of our Schnauzer daughters to center me daily. They have taught me to see life through a prism of joy and sheer abandon. They have taught me that there is no way to happiness, that happiness is the way, as one of my favorite authors wrote but I did not quite comprehend that profound idea until I was blessed with the Schnauzers who became my daily compass needles to keep me pointing in the happy direction always.

Our lives have evolved into a storybook sprinkled with puppy love beyond measure. As we grew older, we realized that Schnauzers were not dogs but tiny humans pretending to be dogs. I had always loved Schnauzers, like my aunt. My brother in Louisville also has a Schnauzer. He bought Muffin after he met Lizzie. He fell in love. Most of the pets from my past were for my girls mainly. The Schnauzers were for us thanks to my Aunt who knew how to add zest to our lives and I shall be forever grateful to her for giving them to us. Our most precious gifts ever.” 


Linda with husband Walter and her two grandsons

Lindas daugher Connie with a relative

Lindas aunt had Schnauzers most of her long life. Now in her late eighties, she has survived ten of them. But one was given to her by her first born son who died from cancer and she was determined to have a Schnauzer sired by Lucky so that she could feel that she had a memory of her son carried on through her next pet. So she asked Linda and Walter if they would want a Schnauzer to become his "bride". The two of them thought about it for about a minute and agreed to the arrangement. They set out to purchase the female and found the most darling little Mini Schnauzer with the impish face and whimsical personality and proudly brought her home after a long trip into the next state to buy her. She was 7 weeks old and so sturdy and strong. Lindas aunt was not really pleased with their selection, but Linda decided to keep Prissy anyway.

Then Lindas aunt took them to a Dog Show and introduced them to Champion dogs. There was a difference, but Prissy looked like a champ to them and they decided to have two dogs on the spot. They decided on Elizabeth who was the most stubborn little critter they had seen in the show that day. Linda knew Lizzy wouldn't win the "Best Puppy in Show" but she won their hearts as she would sprawl flat on the ground...legs splayed out and not budging an inch! So determined not to be bullied by the very hateful owner. Linda loved her spunkiness. The breeder wouldn't let her go until she was 9 months old which was 6 months away, but they waited and she was exquisite when they saw her for the first time. But she was also terrified of anyone but Linda and she had to carry her around on her hip to keep her from freaking out. Linda did a little checking and found out that the Breeder was a sadistic woman who would beat her dogs into submission. Linda and Walter simply loved her back to mental health which took many months of affection and kindness. 

Lizzie as puppy

Priss as baby

Meanwhile, Prissy had her puppy shots and was highly allergic to the “Leptosclerosis” in the shot and by the third shot she went into a coma for a whole day and almost died. She has never been as perky and effervescent as she was when we brought her home, but Linda and Walter adored her just the same, if not more.

The two dogs were the children Linda and Walter could not have any more. They moved into their bed as fast as they had moved into their hearts. When, 10 years later, Lizzie died from the effect of the terrible melamin poisoning, a world broke down for them.

Linda came to love animals from the time she was a child and her Dad decided to add a menagerie of animals to the back yard for his own pleasure. He was a rather eccentric man who still, now at 90 is still bizarre and quirky. He kenneled a lot of Champion Beagles, so Linda saw many a litter of precious puppies birthed in the old shed in the back yard and had the pleasure of cuddling and watching them grow and develop into beautiful hunting dogs.

Before the schnauzers Linda had some other dogs, when her children were small, during her first marriage. When Linda married Walter, they didn’t have dogs for 15 years. They were free and traveled a lot, but there was something missing, and her Aunt figured it out when she offered the dogs to them.

Lizzie & Priss

Lizzie & Priss

Lizzie with "Dad"

Priz with "Dad"
Lizzie & Priss

Mid 2007 a tragedy almost took them both from their onwers. They almost died because of pet food based on products manufactured China, containing a poison called Melamine. There have been thousands of pet deaths in the US due to Melamine. Melamine causes Kidney failure in both cats and dogs. Thank god that Lizzie and Priss survived. >>more

In Memoriam: 

At 8:55 this morning, April 23rd 2008 after a long and valiant fight against the melamine poison, Lizzie Belle Cook passed away. Lizzie was very much loved. Her family and her friend Prizzy are very sad and angry about her dead.

We wish little Lizzie a peaceful life on the other side. She will remain in our hearts.

March 31, 1998 to April 23, 2008
Rest in Peace Liz

In Memoriam: 

On September 16th, 2010, exactly 2 years and 6 months after her "sister" Lizzie, Prissy "Pristletoe" Cook died from the melamin poisoning she'd suffered in 2008. This means that both schnauzer girls from "The Schnauzerblues" by our friend Connie Zimmermann are dead. Also Prizzys live was taken my poisoned dog food, conterminated with toxic substances made in China. A long an terrible death.

Prizzy has helped her family to cope with their loss after Lizzie died. Her passing away therefore brings even more grief to her family.

We wish little Prizzy that she will meet her sister Lizzie on the other side and that they will have fun. We all will miss her very, very much.

July 26, 1998 to September 16, 2010
Rest min Peace Prissy