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Lilo & Lilly

We first met Lilo Berger during the dogshow in Tulln, in autumn 2005. Pepper and Jacob were "representing" at the stand of ÖGV, when suddenly a vital, blond woman came to us and bursted out: "That's my Lilly". As we learned, our Pepper was the exact replica of her schnauzer Lilly, very much understandable, as both dogs were half siblings, after the Multichampion dog Made in Spain Kilometre Veinte

Lilo is a special dog lover, known to give a home to the poorest of dogs. By her loving loving care, all of them become funny and self assured dogs again.

Lilo was living with dogs from her early baby age on. With her first dog (Foxterrier) her destiny, as a livetime dog owner, was more or less settled. However, Lilo had a couple of other breeds, before she ended up with her Miniature Schnauzers. Her teenage years were accompanied by an Airdale Terrier, called Olaf. He was with her practically everywhere. Later, when Lilo was already working for the Austrian Forces, Stupsi, a Teckel lady joined her live and even went to the office with her. As a real "guard dog" Stupsi earned a lot of respect by the officers.

In 1994, on a cold winter day, Lilo adopted the first member of her ShiTzu pack. Vicky, a frightened little ShiTzu girl, sick and starved came into Lilos house. She needed a lot of love and care, but finally Vicky became a happy dog again. Especially when the second ShiTzu - Mandarin, a little rascal, joined their live in 1999. Vicky transformed into a good mother and teacher for Mandarin. Sadly, some time later Vicky died and left Mandarin a lonely dog. Not for long. Hongzi, a Multi and Interchampion was left to retire in Lilos care in 2001 and shortly after, Maithy, Mandarins sister joined them as well.

The three of them were frequent visitors in dog school, which is no surprise, Lilo being a puppy and obedience trainer in ÖGV Wien West. Hongzy, the "Sir", just wanted to have fun, but Maithy passed the BGH-A exam. Mandarin developed into a real sports fan. He passed BGH-A and BGH-1 exams and was very fond of dog dancing and agility. However, his favourite sport was "Breitensport", the four disciplin trial, where he and Lilo successfully participated in numerous tournaments.

Early 2005 Lilly was introduced. Again, a "poor" 2 1/2 year old girl, just having lost her owner, was looking for a new loving and caring home, which at Lilos, she surely found. 

Vanilla Sky vom Hellahof "Lilly" is a loving all kind of dog sports as well. he quickly passed the BGH-A, BGH-1, BGH-2 and BGH-3 exams and now is trained in obedience together with our Pepper


Lilly & Minnie


Sadly, shortly after Lillys arrival, Lilo had to let go again two of her dogs. Hongzy's and Maithy's live had an end. Lilly and Mandarin helped Lilo to overcome this double tragedy.

In october 2007, another schnauzer girl joined Lilly and Mandarin. Lilo had fallen in love with Minnie Peppers de Gabritho the girl in our M-litter. Lilo wanted to have her. A wise decision as it turned out later. Minnie came to Lilo just in time. Mandarins health condition had worsened during the past few weeks and little Minnie could divert Lilos mind a bit from the inevitable to come. Lilly and Mandarin immediately took on the job to educate the little puppy. Mandarin even started to play again.


Minnie, Mandarin & Lilly


Lilly & Mandarin


Lilly & Minnie


Lilly & Half-Sister "Pepper"



But finally, end of december, Mandarins time was up. Very sadly Lilo had to let him go. But also Lilly and even Minnie, just having known him for only 2 months, were very sad about that. Weeks, even months later they were looking for him. Almost 6 months later Minnie was running after a ShiTzu, having the same colour as her Mandarin. This proofs to me, that dogs are able to suffer, when they loose a loved companion. 

Now its only the two of them. Lilly and Minnie are ruling their empire. They especially love the near by woods. There they are well known to other visitors as the "Hörndlwood Witches".

No need to mention, that Minnie, as Lilly, is a very well behaving schnauzer lady. Lilo and Minnie are travelling with me to various dog shows in Europe on a regular basis and we are all very much looking forward the Minnies first litter. 



Lilly & Minnie (die "Hörndlwald Hexen")

Lilo and Minnie literally live in a garden paradiese, near "Lainzer Tiergarten". There the two schnauzer girls have plenty of space to have fun during the whole year. 

As Lilo has a real green thum and spends a lot of time in the garden, Lilo and Minnie enjoy the den sunshine outside. Should during this time, just by accident, find some strawberries, peaches or jerries find the way into their mounths - all the better.


A Report about Lilos garden paradise in "Ganze Woche" 17/2009



Lilly & Minnie

Minnie in the garden

Nimmersatt, Minnie, Wuzi, Lilly, Pepper, Jacob, Emi, Niki & Hardy (f.l.t.r.)