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Kira & Laura "KiLau"

We met Claudia Moser and her schnauzers in 2006 at the CACIB show in Oberwart (A). As I’m especially fond of all kind of useful dog accessories, I recognized her, because her 2 schnauzer girls were sitting in a portable baby bed. I liked the idea very much, that’s why I immediately addressed her enthusiasticly. Later, Claudia told me that she hadn’t been sure about my mental state, after me, a strange woman, addressed her enthusiasticly, wanting to know were she’d got this practical “dog crate“. Looking back I must confess, there might have been a slight possibility to question my sanity, based on my behaviour. When I get excited, one could maybe think that I’m a bit crazy

However, this meeting was the beginning of a long lasting friendship. Claudia and her two schnauzer girls Kira and Laura are always welcome in our house and we meet at shows on a regular basis as well.

Claudia with Kira & Laura

Claudia with Kira

Claudia has been fond of animals since her childhood and she’d wanted a dog as long as she can remember. Unfortunately, her parents had a totally different idea about that and she could not convince them of this urgent need. First it had been easy to satisfy her with lifeless replacements like the red stuffed cat, that was dragged along on a leash. Growing up, stuffed animals were no longer satisfying, however nothing could convince her parents to get her a cat or a dog. But Claudia was very inventive in finding many different „more convenient“ pets and collected a broad variety of animals like tortoises, guinea pigs and grasshoppers.

Kira & Laura

Kira & Laura

Finally, when Claudia moved into her own flat, she was able to make her dream come true. Some acquaintance of hers introduced her to the rather rare breed of standard schnauzers and she liked them. Soon she realized that this was “her” breed and in November 2000 the schnauzer girl Kira moved in with her.

With Kira she went to dog school for puppy training and later obedience and agility. In 2004 Kira passed her good citizen dog (BGH-1) exam and participated in the National Agility Championship. In 2005 und 2006 Kira could win the Breitenlee Cup (4 tournaments) 2 times in a row.





Shortly after this Claudia realized that one dog is just not enough and she took the second schnauzer girl Laura in her team. At the beginning Kira was not very excited about this small bundle of dog, bursting with engergy, and turning her live upside down. But soon the two schnauzers girls grew together and became best friends, united in the ambition to test the strenght of their owners nerves. In 2007, Laura passed the good citizen dog (BGH-1) exam as well and is also very active in training agility.

Kira & Laura at a photo shooting with Sabine Schürhagel [www.hundefotografie.at]

Over the years Claudia grew even fonder of this breed and meanwhile she’d decided to become a breeder as well. With her kennel „Touch of KiLau“ her first litter is planned for the beginning of 2009. The mother will be Laura.

Pepper, Jacob, Emi, Wuzi, Kira, Laura, Mette & Chiocollatta (v.l.n.r.)

Our mini schnauzers and the KiLau duo are great friends and it doesn’t make a difference that the two ladies are much taller. The only difference between a miniature and a standard schnauzer anyway, is the number of dogs you can fit in one bed!