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Dog Horoscope - Which dog suits me?

From the astrological point of view, dogs are governed by planet pluto. This has a funny aspect, as this planet is said to be the god father of Walt Disneys cartoon dog, which has been created the same year, the planet was discovered. 

As with humans, astrologers believe that the personality of pets are governed by the Zodiac Sign under which they were born. Dogs do not have as complex a personality as human beings, but they still have different to one each other. Dogs also have feelings, which are expressed very outwardly. Each dog will express himself or herself in ways that differentiate this dog from all of its counterparts. These differences can be understood in the same way as they are understood in human astrology. The more time a dog spends with a human, the more clearly defined that dogs personality will become, the easier you can see the differences to other animals of the same kind.

Once an owner knows the Sign under which his or her pet was born, then the better it will be to understand the dogs tendencies and quirks, which will hopefully result in the owner being more tolerant, patient and loving toward the pet. Above all, it is important for an owner to bear in mind that he or she should never expect more from a pet than the animal can naturally deliver.

12 Zodiac Signs: 
















March 20th/21st - April 19th/20th

April 19th/20th - May 20th/21st

May 20th/21st - June 20th/21st

June 20th/21st - July 22nd/23rd

July 22nd/23rd - August 22nd/23rd

August 22nd/23rd - September 22nd/23rd

September 22nd/23rd - October 23rd

October 23rd - November 22nd

November 22nd - December 21st/22nd

December 21st/22nd - January 20th

January 20th - February 18th/19th

February 18th/19th - March 20th/21st

ARIES (March 21st - April 20th)

"The Leader of the Pack"

Aries is the first Sign of the Zodiac. The Aries Dog will live by the motto "Me First" and there will be no "please" about it. Life to this canine is an exciting, all-consuming challenge. This is a quick-tempered dog and in extreme cases, one who is downright selfish. Given his or her position in the Zodiac, however, it is only natural that the Aries Dog would want to be leader of the pack. Physically, the Aries Dog is an active, energetic and urgent type of canine, with an almost endless capacity for exercise, who demands (and needs) long walks several times a day. This dog will enjoy a variety of activities, such as agility classes or playing frisbee. On a visit to the countryside, he or she will soon be picking up a scent or acting as a trailblazer. The Aries Dog is prone to accidents since, by nature, this canine is reckless and daring. Headaches are often a problem for this dog, as is sunstroke during the summer months. A home with plenty of space is vital to this canine, who hates to be restricted in any way. Any owner cooped-up in the average house with an Aries Dog all day will soon become utterly exhausted. A small cottage is also no suitable home for this canine and individuals who live in an apartment should give the Aries Dog a very wide berth. It is foolish to think that this dog can be contained with fences or gates. Much like Harry Houdini (who was also born under the sign of Aries), this canine is sure to find a way to escape, being ever anxious to make his or her mark upon the world.

The Aries Dog will never be a "yes-dog," not even after months of training. The battle for independence begins the moment this little pup arrives in the home. It is futile for an owner to attempt to assert superiority over the Aries Dog...he or she will stop at nothing to undermine an owner's position. The end relationship between the Aries Dog and his or her human will largely be one of compromise, usually on the part of the owner, but can be most enjoyable once the owner is "trained." In short, the Aries Dog is basically a warm-hearted creature who will prove to be amusing, if time-consuming, and he or she is incapable of sulking or holding a grudge for long. Most canines who fall under the jurisdiction of Aries are completely intolerant of other dogs, constantly getting into scraps and trying to dominate each and every other pet (and person) within the household. The types of Aries Dog who appear to thrive best under the influence of this constellation are Gun Dogs, Whippets, Lurchers and those who fall into the hunting varieties.

The Aries pet will likely be more aggressive than an animal born under almost any other Sign. Pets governed by Aries possess an abundance of energy, but might burn out rather quickly, inclined to indulge in play for a much shorter time than an animal ruled by a different Zodiac Sign. These are souls who will never be reticent in pushing their weight around, thus letting any other pets know that they are first in line. Indeed, more often than not, the Aries pet will want to be the only one in line. Thus, an animal governed by Aries usually prefers to be the sole pet in the household and can become rather raucous if there is any form of competition. The Aries pet will probably be a somewhat selfish character. In short, he or she finds it difficult to share anything, be it toys, food or owner. It is important for anyone in charge of an Aries pet to be careful of fights and this will apply to all species, since an Aries rabbit can be equally aggressive as an Aries bulldog. Whatever these animals do to show they want attention or food, or that they are angry, will be expressed in a spontaneous, powerful and belligerent fashion. It will be vital for any owner to discourage such behavior. Animals governed by this Zodiac Sign love to fight and once they start, it is almost impossible to get them to stop.

Since the Sign of Aries rules the head, this pet will probably use that area of the body when displaying any form of aggression. For example, while a cat is usually known to "bat" with his or her paws, the feline governed by Aries may choose to "ram" the head into an owner or some other unsuspecting animal. By the same token, it will be necessary for any owner to regularly check the teeth, gums, eyes, nose, ears and general head area of the Aries pet for any unusual ailments. Animals ruled by Aries should be kept out of extreme heat since they are more susceptible to rashes and heat-induced problems, especially during the Summer months. It is probably best to avoid having more than one Aries pet at any given time...particularly if the pets are going to intermingle, such as animals of the same species. These creatures may get along wonderfully for the most part, each enjoying the abundant energy of the other, but these are extremely physical souls and it would not be out of character for them to pick fights with one another for no discernable reason. In addition, because these are very physical animals, they will be exceedingly active, relishing many different kinds of physical interaction other than simply scrapping. The Aries pet also posseses a rather overwhelming desire to mate. He or she will be the most likely to disappear in search of amorous adventures. Thus, it will be necessary to maintain a safe and secure yard or home. Any animal governed by this Sign requires an abundance of exercise. A large, open area where he or she can run, fly, gallop or hop freely and happily would be ideal. If the Aries pet must be restrained, then the enclosure should be spacious and allow for plenty of movement. In addition, the animal must be provided freedom outside the enclosure as often as possible.

Breeds with Aries temperament
alle Arten von Terriern, Whippets, auch Schnauzer können sehr eigenwillig sein, sind auch sehr sportlich, treu und mutig, und auch ihre Stammväter, die Pinscher, entsprechen durchaus dem Widder-Temperament. Als besonders gutmütige und friedliebende Variante des bewegungsfreudigen und kühnen Widder-Wesens findet man im Boxer.


TAURUS (April 21st - May 20th)

"The Strong and Silent Type"

The Taurus Dog is a plodding dog, strong, silent and determined. This canine may be led, but never driven. However, if allowed to move at a slow pace, the Taurus Dog has no problem in doing what is asked of him or her. Being close to the owner is heaven to this canine and in order to ensure comfort and security when the family is away from home, it is necessary to leave something with the Taurus Dog that bears the owner's scent. A lethargic and sometimes lazy soul, this canine would much rather sleep than run around. He or she truly appreciates a comfortable bed, complete with super-soft blankets. In short, the Taurus Dog loves to be pampered. This canine is not particularly big on exercise and should not be expected to run over the hill and through the woods...indeed, he or she will probably not even want to run around the yard. Nevertheless, this canine is fond of the outdoors and a drive around the countryside in the car with the window down (rather than a walk through the same area) will be thoroughly enjoyed by the Taurus Dog. This canine can be a persistent and stubborn character...one who, if possessed with the power of human speech, would probably argue more often than not. Still, the Taurus Dog is a loyal and faithful creature, relatively easy to train and highly unlikely to ever run away from home. The Taurus Dog thoroughly appreciates the finer things of life and can be possessive of what he or she considers to be items of personal value. Unfortunately, virtually everything this dog surveys is considered to be a personal possession...from his or her feeding bowl to visitors in the home. It would be best not to allow this canine to actually see any guests depart, since the Taurus Dog perceives new people as personal possessions and may put up quite a fuss before permitting them to leave.

This is one canine who loves to eat and is often aggressive around food. It is not unusual for the Taurus Dog to dig holes and lay away a goodly supply of kibble for a rainy day. Physically very strong when young, this dog is prone to get fat with advancing age. In fact, it is somewhat rare to find an older Taurus Dog who is not overweight. For the sake of his or her health, it is sometimes necessary to put this canine on a diet in order to avoid obesity. In that event, however, the owner must be prepared for the Taurus Dog to sit in front of the refrigerator and mournfully stare. Second only to this canine's love of food is love of music. The Taurus Dog will happily sit for hours listening to the classic composers, such as Beethoven, and may even howl along to the orchestration. Obedient, mild-mannered, affectionate and a fervent kisser, this canine can be a relentless protector and fighter. If he or she senses the owner is in danger, this dog will abruptly turn into an unusually quick mover. Much the same attitude is adopted if this canine believes his or her personal possessions are being threatened in any way...or if he or she is subjected to taunts. Once comfortably situated, the Taurus Dog will probably refuse to move until he or she is good and ready, possibly even laying claim to that particular spot for the rest of his or her life. In short, it would not be particularly unusual for an owner to find the Taurus Dog in the exact location where the animal had been last seen several hours before.

The Taurus Dog is compatible with owners born under most Signs of the Zodiac...with the possible exception of Sagittarius, since Sagittarius natives are gone from the home far too often to make for a happy and well-adjusted dog who craves human companionship. This canine will be a tolerant and gentle pet, one which is kind in nature and adores children. Thus, the Taurus Dog would be a marvellous companion for such little ones.

The Taurus pet is an easy-going, stay-at-home and mild-mannered soul...one whose only true downside is the tendency to be overly stubborn. It is also more likely that this pet will wait for an owner to approach, rather than the pet going to the owner, basically refusing to "come" until he or she is good and ready. In short, these animals can be called countless times...the name being repeated endlessly...or screamed at, or begged or be treated very nicely, it makes little difference. If the Taurus pet is not in the mood to move, then he or she will stay put. In essence, animals governed by this Sign prefer to lounge where they are at the time and have others visit with them or cater to their whims. Along those lines, once an owner does arrive at wherever the Taurus pet happens to be snoozing or luxuriating (which is a typical trait of this Zodiac Sign), some form of service will be fully expected by the animal...perhaps a tummy rub or special treat upon which to munch at leisure. Simply put, the Taurus pet is a slow animal in almost every respect and he or she will certainly take life easy. For example, the Taurus cat can sit longer than any other feline, contemplating his or her surroundings. The Taurus dog harbors no desire to go anywhere...often for hours on end...in order to feel content and totally at peace. The Taurus horse will have no problem standing in the stable all week, until the owner decides to drag him or her out for a reluctant trot around the paddock. However, this is why the Taurus pet makes for such a wonderful traveling companion. He or she adores sitting in the car (species permitting, of course) while being chauffeured around. Still, plenty of comfortable blankets and/or pillows will be required so the Taurus pet can sprawl out during the ride. This animal is not a very active or energetic creature. He or she much prefers to just "hang out" rather than engage in much playtime. That having been said, it should be noted that the animal governed by this Sign is not totally devoid of energy. He or she actually has a goodly supply, but it is the nature of Taurus to expend energy in an extremely conservative manner. Furthermore, this is a creature that likes to be groomed, pampered and catered to. The Taurus pet will lap up all such attention and when an owner believes the job has been completed satisfactorily, the Taurus animal will think it has only just begun. Hence, the Taurus cat will adore being rubbed and caressed...the sensuous purrs informing an owner just how much this feline appreciates the loving care, even though such is expected. Regardless of species, all pets ruled by Taurus love to be groomed and a Taurus bird will relish having a mirror in the cage, so he or she can primp, pose and flex while admiring the beautiful image. While animals born under the Sign of Taurus may not be consciously aware that they are attracted to beauty, they will be automatically and instinctively drawn. They truly know...somehow...when they are around beauty and when they are not. For instance, a Taurus pup will undoubtedly chew on the prettiest pair of shoes he or she can manage to drag from the closet. Taurus pets require lots of cuddly items, like soft blankets, cushy pillows and beds, and those items must be visually pretty for these are very aesthetically inclined creatures.

Since the Sign of Taurus rules the neck and throat, this pet will be particularly sensitive or vulnerable to kinks, sore throats, colds, coughs, pulled muscles and other related ailments. A choke chain should never be used when walking a Taurus dog and all collars must sit comfortably around the neck. A regular check should be made to ensure that no collar is too tight, bearing in mind that tightness can easily change due to weight gain or the growth of fur. And while on the subject of weight gain, animals governed by this Sign are so inclined. Thus, the diet of a Taurus pet should be carefully watched and the temptation to feed him or her table scraps and/or junk food must be avoided. These are creatures who put on weight very easily. In addition, they should never be fed bones of any kind as these can lodge in the throat...the most sensitive area of a Taurus animal's body. Overall, the Taurus pet is a comforting companion. He or she will be easy to train and welcome any nice gesture an owner wants to bestow. Not given to roam, the Taurus pet will more than likely stay around the home front...not straying too far from all the luxuries that his or her abode has to offer.

Breeds with Taurus temperament
Alle Arten von Vorsteh- und ruhigen Jagdhunden (Revier-Überwachung, Tag für Tag die selben Wege!), alle großen und von Haus aus eher phlegmatischen Hunde wie Rottweiler, Mastino, Berner Sennenhund; aber auch Dackel, Basset oder Mops.

GEMINI (May 21st - June 21st)

"The Yapper"

The Gemini Dog will be restless, versatile, exuberant and many other things as well...all at the same time. He or she is easily able to communicate feelings (whatever such feelings might be) and will soon have any owner well-trained. This split-personality dog is, in essence, an eternal puppy, quickly bored and requiring constant attention. Physically, the Gemini Dog is likely to be slightly underweight due to the fact that he or she goes everywhere "at the double." An alert and graceful creature, the nervous energy of the Gemini Dog enables this canine to keep going all day, should the need arise...and even when there is no need. However, the minute the Gemini Dog is asked to undertake anything boring or mundane, he or she will be overcome by nervous exhaustion and collapse into a shivering, twitching, hyperventilating wreck. A puppy governed by Gemini is sure to bring chaos into any home. To this little soul, everything will be new...the house, the people, the garden...and the happy pup will be more than content to explore, anxious to learn everything about his or her new surroundings and those with whom he or she is going to be living. The length of this "Indian Summer" will depend upon every variable that could possibly be imagined...the number of rooms, number of people and size of the garden, to name but a few. In short, a Gemini Dog oozes charm and it is not long before he or she will have the entire family (and most of the neighborhood) wrapped around his or her dew-claw.

The Gemini Dog is difficult to train, firmly believing that he or she knows what is best. However, if the impatience of a Gemini Dog can be overcome, then an owner will soon be able to teach this canine an entire battery of tricks...anything from "playing dead" to somersaulting through flaming hoops...for this is a dog who loves to "show off." With fleet-footed Mercury as his or her Ruling Planet, the Gemini Dog is one of the Zodiac's fastest runners and not surprisingly, any Greyhound born under the influence of this Sign is likely to enjoy much success at the race track. It is important to note that the only time an owner will be absolutely sure of the whereabouts of the Gemini Dog is when he or she is attached by a leash. The remainder of the time, it will be anyone's guess. Much like the "Elephant's Child," who always wanted to know more, this canine will be inquisitive and inquiring. The Gemini Dog thrives in new environments and will love it if the owner boards him or her with a friend for a few days. However, it is an unfortunate fact that this is a dog who tends not to be overly-faithful and given the opportunity, may well run away forever.

It takes the strength of personality found in a Leo native to help the Gemini Dog become more decisive, and a natural sympathy between the two usually ensures compatibility. Aquarius owners, being broad-minded enough to allow things to follow their natural course, will also find the Gemini Dog to be a suitable pet.

The Gemini pet adores variety and probably the greatest punishment that could be placed upon an animal governed by this Sign is isolation. These are souls who love to have friends, to mingle and to socialize. There should always be a vast array of different toys available to the Gemini pet and he or she should be provided with plenty of entertainment. The Gemini animal likes to talk a lot...but in his or her own language, of course. Thus, a Gemini dog will bark more than most others of his or her kind...a Gemini bird will probably sing, chirp or cackle all day and if he or she happens to be a parrot, will likely possess a much larger than average vocabulary, which will undoubtedly be used incessantly. In addition, Gemini pets adore noise. They are also fond of constant activity...provided that activity comes in varying forms. Hence, the Gemini cat might indulge in batting a ball for five minutes and then move on to batting the dog's tail for another three, before becoming bored with the whole "batting" experience and roll around on the floor for a while. Once that has become tiresome, the feline ruled by Gemini could then choose to sit next to his or her owner on the couch, but probably only for a second or two. Similarly, the Gemini parakeet may like to sing, tug on his or her bell, inspect the image in the mirror and sway from side-to-side...all at the same time. As well as being verbose, the Gemini pet is also rather mental. It is not unusual for animals born under this Zodiac Sign to be extremely astute and catch on very quickly with regard to what is expected of them. Indeed, they actually enjoy learning a whole repertoire of tricks and commands. It is not unusual to see a Gemini pet merely observing something that a human is doing and then imitate the act. The animal ruled by Gemini will rarely become bored, provided he or she has a variety of things to do at all hours of the day. Many times, these pets function purely on nervous energy and because of this, it is important that they get sufficient rest and that their sleeping quarters be conducive to a peaceful slumber. Furthermore, even the slightest disruption should be avoided, since snoozing is like aspirin for a Gemini animal's nervous system. Many creatures perceive the world via their noses, but the Gemini animal has an extremely fine-tuned sense of smell. Many Gemini dogs are chosen to perform police work (tracking down people, drugs, weapons or any kind of contraband) courtesy of this keen olfactory functioning. Still, all five of the Gemini animal's senses tend to be very acute with extraordinarily sharp hearing and excellent eyesight (generally better than that of other Signs within the canine species). Indeed, the eyes of a Gemini pet are often said to sparkle. There is a tendency here for the animal to be particularly finicky when it comes to food, since taste is yet another sense with which the Gemini animal is especially sensitive. Hence, food provided to the Gemini pet should be very tasty and there needs to be a certain degree of variety to what is offered courtesy of the diet, with Gemini dogs, however, mealtimes should not be varied overly much. Touch is likely a sense that Gemini pets could do without. They are not particularly tactile creatures and probably will not issue an invitation to be petted very often. Animals governed by Gemini are so sensitive to touch that they might flinch or recoil at the most gentle stroke or pat. These are souls with highly nervous systems, so such typical reactions should not be taken personally by an owner...it is simply the nature of the beast.

Since the Sign of Gemini rules the nervous system...as well as the arms and shoulders...unless the Gemini animal in question happens to be a primate, any owner need only be concerned about the pet's nervous system. If the pet should be a monkey or chimpanzee, then care needs to be taken to keep this pet's hands and arms away from dangerous places...garbage disposals, for instance...and that the animal is restrained from swinging overly much, to the point of a dislocated shoulder. Otherwise, an owner needs to make sure that the food provided to a Gemini pet does not affect the nervous system...particularly foods containing sugar (which should never be given to a pet in any event) and offerings of coffee should also be avoided (as it should with any animal, regardless of Zodiac Sign) to prevent any adverse effects on the already very fragile nervous system. It will also be important not to agitate the pet ruled by Gemini, since he or she will already be somewhat agitated by nature. Thus, it will be vital that this pet be trained (or even played with) without him or her becoming stressed. Animals governed by this Sign of the Zodiac certainly require an abundance of variety and excitement, but they also need high degrees of tranquility and balance.

Breeds with Gemini temperament
Klein- und Mittelpudel, Yorkshire-Terrier, Malteser, auch kleinere Windhunde wie zB das Windspiel haben die rastlosen Eigenschaften des Zwillings im Blut.

CANCER (June 22nd - July 22nd)

"The Home Lover"

The Cancer Dog is a contrary dog who has close links to the sea and the tides. Thus, this canine is likely to jump into water at every given opportunity. The Cancer Dog is something of an "up and down" type of creature with a strong determination to "stay put." Indeed this dog is probably the most patient and tenacious of the entire Zodiac. Superficially a timid and retiring type of canine, content to be left unnoticed, this dog will, in fact, be quite the opposite. Moodier and more sensitive than most, he or she is prone to deep extremes of emotion. Joy, despair, terror, boldness...and more besides...will shift beneath this dog's rather crusty exterior. It is important that the Cancer Dog feel he or she is needed. Consequently, this dog requires constant patting and reassurance, and any owner is likely to be saying, "Good boy" or "Good girl" until the throat is sore. Physcially, the Cancer Dog is bony with any bulk invariably being found around the shoulder area. The legs will be long in comparison to the body and this canine's movement will bear a vaguely sideways motion. The Cancer Dog is prone to psychosomatic problems whenever life becomes too overwhelming. Indeed, any misunderstanding is liable to cause a total breakdown, both emotional in reason and physical in appearance. Nonetheless, this dog falls under the jurisdiction of an excellent Sign for breeding purposes, with the dam accepting her responsibilities and not expecting an owner to take over after a couple of days. However, there will certainly be trouble when it is time to remove the puppies, since this canine mother will put up a fight to keep them with her at least one more night...and then another...and yet another. The Cancer Dog can settle almost anywhere. Taken to a new home, he or she immediately views it as the place in which life will be lived out. Possessing a true nesting instinct, this canine will establish his or her corner and then set about filling it with treasures which will be enjoyed and protected. If those treasures happen to belong to another then that is unfortunate, for the Cancer Dog will literally hang on to anything that he or she feels is a personal belonging. In the eyes of this canine, possession is nine-tenths of the law.

About once a month, the pull of the Moon will fill the Cancer Dog with a feeling of restlessness, urging him or her to spend the night in the garden, where he or she will howl until daybreak. However, that having been said, the Cancer Dog basically makes for a delightful and lovely pet, being loyal and faithful no matter how he or she might be treated by an owner. No separation, regardless of length, will make this canine forget the person with whom he or she has bonded. Like all born teachers, the Cancer Dog knows it is first necessary to learn. Thus, basic training will be nothing but a pleasure to this canine. The Cancer Dog usually possesses the capability to go further into specialized or obedience training, but once this canine is old enough to make his or her own decisions, then stock will be taken of what has been taught and there will be a prompt rejection of anything that does not appeal.

Natives of Pisces and Scorpio usually make the best owners for the Cancer Dog. Pisces is receptive and impressionable, thus well-suited to put up with the whims and fluctuating moods of this canine. However, since the Cancer Dog is basically loving and giving, this dog will go out of his or her way to understand any human...with one exception. The Cancer Dog should never belong to a Sagittarius owner. This particular combination of fire and water can never happily mix. Particularly good with children, the Cancer Dog often believes himself or herself to be one of them and fully expects to be treated as such.

The Cancer pet is sensitive to the phases of the Moon. Animals governed by Cancer are also influenced by the "day of the Moon," which is Monday. On this day of the week, Cancer pets may appear more depressed than normal...possibly more "whiny" or needy of an owner's attention, especially if the Monday in question happens to fall on a Full Moon. Under such circumstances, it will be necessary for an owner to be particularly sensitive and aware of the animal's intense mood swings. In essence, no demands should be made upon the Cancer pet during this time since he or she cannot be expected to respond favorably. With the exception of animals governed by the Sign of Pisces, those creatures ruled by Cancer will be the most emotional and sensitive of souls. Indeed, even pets who are not born under this Zodiac Sign tend to be somewhat influenced by the Moon's phases. The Cancer pet is otherwise a very caring animal, given to regular licking, cooing and cuddling...but he or she will also require an abundance of affection from an owner. These creatues must be provided with as much love and tenderness as possible. However, it needs to be a special type of attention, very different from that given to any other Sign. Cancer pets need plenty of quiet time...massages, kisses and an abundance of reassurance that they are truly adored. These are extremely needy creatures on an emotional level and such should not be taken lightly. Being so sensitive by nature, the animal governed by Cancer will quickly pick up any resentment or anger the owner may be harboring. In short, Cancer pets require constant emotional gratification and are far too "clingy" and needy to belong in a household where the inhabitants are seldom home. These are animals who are far happier knowing that the owner is close by...just in case they feel the need for an occasional gesture of reassurance that they are safe and, more importantly, that they are loved. The Cancer pet must be spoken to in a gentle fashion and they must be showered with lots of tender, loving care. While on the subject of showers, these animals probably would not be adverse to indulging in a bath or shower every now and again. Cancer is ruled by the element of Water, and any chance these creatures get to go swimming, take a leisurely run along the beach, or maybe even indulge in a shower or bath would greatly delight pets governed by this Zodiac Sign. The Cancer pet will likely thoroughly enjoy the company of other animals...particularly of the younger variety. Cancer animals (regardless of species or gender) possess a strong maternal instinct. If there are no younger creatures for the older Cancer animal to nurture, then he or she should be provided with a small, stuffed animal to care for.

Since the Sign of Cancer rules the stomach, extra special attention should be paid to the food given to a Cancer pet. The diet needs to be carefully watched to ensure that he or she is provided with the most balanced and nutritious foods available. These animals are especially vulnerable to ulcers, upset tummies, vomiting and many other disorders that can adversely affect the alimentary canal and stomach area. Cancer animals prefer to stay at home, so there should be little if any trouble keeping them indoors. As long as the owner is in residence and these pets feel well taken care of and loved, then everything in the world of these animals is complete. However, during a Full Moon, these seemingly innocent creatures can turn into somewhat hellish beings.

Breeds with Cancer temperament
Shih-Tzu, Golden Retriever, Basset, Pyrenäenhund und Malteser. Auch Bernhardiner gehören u.U. dazu

LION (July 23rd - August 23rd)

"The Boss"

The Leo Dog is the monarch dog. In short, a domineering canine...if given half the chance. This dog sees himself or herself as a cut above all lesser species and will expect to be treated accordingly. However, this is not so bad as it might sound, for the Leo Dog has a knack of persuading people to treat him or her correctly without those individuals ever realizing they have been manipulated. Regal of bearing, erect of stance and commanding of presence, the Leo Dog will always be the perfect specimen, no matter what the breed might be. Confident, fearless and proud, with a well-proportioned body, slender legs and graceful gait, this canine is utterly charismatic and makes for the ideal showdog.

The Leo Dog possesses a strong constitution with a mind to match but if anything does go awry, then it will most likely be connected with the spine. An owner should take great care to avoid any strain on this area of the Leo Dog's body. To this canine, his or her home is a personal palace in which to "hold court," probably issuing invites to each and every neighborhood dog who can be found. Here, the Leo Dog will entertain guests until it is time for the "walk-about," when they will all trail out...with Leo in the lead, of course. Most Leo Dogs make for affectionate and cheerful companions, although they can at times be pompous and somewhat arrogant.

Social interaction with humans is sometimes difficult for the Leo Dog. This canine will need to be put firmly in his or her place when just a puppy, or there is certain to be the expectation that an owner will fetch and carry for this dog for the rest of his or her life. If this can be accomplished, then the Leo Dog will be a charming and rewarding dog, much easier to live with than might be expected. This is largely due to one exceptional and redeeming quality, such being that the Leo Dog has a deep-set faith in humanity. Dogs which have been praised and honored for bravery...or those pampered by royalty...are, more often than not, governed by the Sign of Leo. This canine rarely knows what it means to be afraid and makes for an excellent police dog, relentlessly pursuing criminals, entering blazing buildings without a second thought and tenaciously sniffing-out bombs. The Leo Dog, however, cannot bear to be ignored. The vanity of this canine knows no limit and he or she adores being the center of attraction. Fiercely loyal, this canine would rather die while protecting an owner than allow that owner to come to any harm. The Leo Dog makes for an exceptional guard dog but has one strange eccentricity...he or she is often deathly afraid of cats.

The Leo pet requires a lot of attention. However, he or she will not resort to whining or gentle nudging for the needed tender, loving care, he or she demands it. For instance, in a very feline way (regardless of species), Leo animals will very subtly and seductively indicate that a tummy rub is exactly what is in order. This is achieved courtesy of eyes that are both begging and alluring, or expressed by way of body movements. A Leo dog may, for example, convey his or her desires by behaving in a very catlike manner...swaying back and forth, coquettishly tossing the head over the shoulder while throwing an owner a distinct "come hither" look. When a Leo pet wants something...be it a pat, a treat or a walk.he or she will let an owner know in an assertive yet ingratiating fashion. Regardless of species, the mannerisms of a Leo animal are unmistakably feline in character, but also exceedingly elegant in execution. Hence, when the pet governed by Leo desires anything, he or she will do whatever it takes to attain results...usually by putting on a magnificent performance worthy of an animal Oscar. By nature, Leo creatures are the show-offs...the actors or actresses of the Animal Kingdom. Leo dogs prance, Leo cats strut, Leo rabbits raise their heads in a lofty manner and Leo birds puff out their chests. In essence, the Leo pet is far from a needy soul, being very secure in his or her importance. These animals are well aware that their purpose is to protect an owner. They are fearless and fierce, but also rather conceited and possessed of a very healthy ego, which an owner would be wise not to wound. When a Leo pet is not in the mood for something...a bath, for instance...he or she will definitely make it known. Leo animals pull no punches and have a formidable temper. Their inherent charismatic charm can be turned on and off at will and they have no problem in letting an owner know who is truly the boss. These are creatures who are capable of fighting to the death if need be. They are tenancious in everything they do and refuse to stop until they get their way.

The Leo pet requires an abundance of praise, recognition and adoration. In short, this animal wants to be showered with compliments...every trick should be applauded with superlative words and a supply of favored treats. Still, the tenacity of a Leo animal is not always necessarily negative. Indeed, there will be no pet more loyal than the one governed by this Zodiac Sign. By nature, this is an animal who will defend an owner, respect an owner and be a faithful companion for life...but it is important than any owner remember the word, "respect." This is of paramount importance to any Leo native, whether animal or human. Of course, all living beings should be respected, but subjects of Leo will absolutely demand it. If an owner is out of line with a Leo pet, then that pet will have no qualms in expressing disapproval of such ungracious behavior. To an animal ruled by Leo, adultation, loyalty and total devotion to an owner are not unconditional...and are certainly not bestowed free of charge.

Since the Sign of Leo rules the heart, spine and back, these pets are especially vulnerable to weak hearts, heart attacks and disorders related to the back and spinal areas. Still, these are extremely hardy souls who rarely suffer major health problems, particularly when they are well taken care of. If a household contains more than one pet...and one of those pets is a Leo...it will be necessary to ensure that the Leo animal is allowed to be "leader of the pack." If two or more animals are governed by this Sign, then there could well be a problem. By nature, Leo is a natural born leader and he or she is aware of that fact. A Leo dog makes for a magnificent watch dog, but he or she should not simply be tossed outside and left there to act as house sentry without plenty of respectful love and attention from the owner. He or she will certainly defend the post as dogmatically as he or she will defend the owner...but beneath all that bravado is a very tender heart that should not be ignored or neglected under any circumstances.

Breeds with Lion temperament
Scotch-Terrier, Pekinese, King Charles Spaniel, Airedale und Afghane.

VIRGO (August 24th - September 23rd)

"The Helper"

The Virgo Dog is never happier than when he or she is doing something for the owner. This canine will take over some of the many chores which pile up during the day...bringing in the laundry, counting the socks, clearing the table, for example. However, this truly helpful dog does not always get it right. As a creature of routine and habit, this canine will expect to be fed and walked at the same time every day. In general, Sheep Dogs and Working Dogs governed by Virgo thrive very nicely, working from dusk until dawn and content in the productive nature of their employment. Because Virgo traditionally rules small animals, however, even toy dogs (Chihuahuas, for example) tend to flourish under this Sign. All Virgo Dogs are loyal and expect the same steadfastness from any owner. Still, it should be noted that this dog does not take kindly to small children, since being trodden on and grabbed does not suit the Virgo Dog one bit. Nevertheless, he or she will be receptive to cats...a creature this canine appears to adore regardless of shape or color. Indeed, the owner of a Virgo Dog would be well-advised to bring a feline into the home.

Natives of Taurus and Capricorn tend to make the best owners for the Virgo Dog, sharing some of the earthy elements and even the penchant for cats. Basically, however, owners born under any Zodiac Sign will enjoy the company of this canine...with the possible exception of Scorpio subjects who tend to perceive the Virgo Dog as a tedious flatterer.

The Virgo pet is by nature extremely neat, clean and tidy. Everything the Virgo animal does...from walking, eating, drinking and sleeping to caring for his or her bed, blanket, pillow and toys...is done in a very orderly, meticulous and quiet fashion. Indeed, an owner may not even be aware that the Virgo pet is around the majority of the time. Virgo pets do not ask for much from an owner, only some nutritious food...and they are quite finicky about what they eat...and a comfortable place to rest when they are not busy putting away their toys or straightening their beds. Virgo pets always have to be occupied with doing something. If not, they tend to feel helpless and bored. The pet ruled by this Sign should be given practical activities as often as possible...being taught a new trick that can be useful such as bringing in the newspaper, for example, or switching on the lights when it gets dark. Virgo animals are extremely intelligent, very quick to learn and are blessed with a magnificent memory. No matter what is taught to the self-sufficient Virgo pet, an owner will never have to worry about the lesson being forgotten. Animals ruled by this Zodiac Sign are more than delighted to be of service to an owner...whatever that owner wishes will be the Virgo pet's command. Virgo is inherently the Sign of service, so it will be this creature's natural tendency to desire to follow through with anything that is asked of him or her. Indeed, the motto of a Virgo pet is probably best described as, "eager to please." Yet, the creature governed by Virgo can be somewhat ornery, since the energy associated with this Sign can make both its human and animal natives rather cranky. In the case of a Virgo pet, this could manifest itself in the propensity to snap or become annoyed over trivial things. This is not necessarily typical behavior of the Virgo animal, but it does surface from time to time. If a pet does display this type of conduct, then it would be best for an owner to simply write it off as a harmless idiosyncrasy. For the most part, the Virgo animal will probably behave like an angel...always anxious to comply with an owner's wishes and do his or her best to not get in anybody's way. Virgo pets are inherently very clean souls, constantly grooming themselves and maintaining relatively neat surroundings, but an owner should be prepared help out when and where needed. The hutch of the Virgo rabbit should be cleaned regularly so that he or she has a litter box with fresh shavings at all times. The Virgo bird's water and food containers should always be freshly filled and the cage maintained to expected standards of tidiness. Of course, all pets' things should be clean and well taken care of, but the Virgo animal is particularly picky in this regard and will let an owner know...in some manner...if everything is not in order.

Since the Sign of Virgo rules the intestines and the nervous system, particular care should be taken with the food consumed by a Virgo pet. Yogurt or acidophilus may be offered on occasion, since the live cultures in these food items will keep the sensitive innards of a Virgo animal functioning smoothly and regularly. Dogs, cats and rabbits alike generally adore acidophilus and/or yogurt and so, is beneficial to the diets of these animals. However, a veterinarian should be consulted prior to giving these foods to any other species. It is not uncommon for the Virgo pet to become somewhat edgy or agitated every so often...especially when he or she has nothing to do. Deprive the Virgo animal of an agenda, and he or she will expend an abundance of nervous energy doing nothing...except possibly chewing on whatever is handy and/or being testy with an owner or other household pets. The Virgo pet also requires plenty of sleep. No other Zodiac Sign...with the possible exception of Gemini...needs as much sleep as does the Virgo animal. To a Virgo pet, slumber is akin to the oil that prevents his or her nervous system from getting rusty. It is important not to become offended if the Virgo animal seems a tad more independent than the owner might prefer. As much as this animal desires to please, he or she also expects some free time alone. Hence, an owner should not be concerned if the Virgo pet selects a clean but remote corner to take an afternoon nap, or to simply sit back and relax while observing all the action from afar. This is the method by which the Virgo animal recharges his or her delicate system in order to be bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and faithfully ready to serve...with that characteristically unerring Virgo precision and unending devotion

Breeds with Virgo temperament
Schäferhunde, Huskies

LIBRA (September 24th - October 22nd)

"The Shop Stewart"

The Libra Dog has one purpose and one purpose only, to improve the lot of the working or owned dog. This canine expects to start at the bottom but within a year or two, will have ascended to a senior position in the household with quite a lot of "say" in things. The Libra Dog will make a stand for less obedience, more food and a shorter working week. If an owner should ask this canine to do anything during the evening hours, then double biscuits are in order or there will be no response. The Libra Dog is also a firm believer in the "closed shop" concept. In other words, one house...one dog. Basically a well-balanced creature, the Libra Dog is not overly-emotional and remains totally impartial when arguments ensue. This canine is an amiable soul, appreciative of the good things life has to offer but above all, believes in "share and share alike." In other words, what is right for the human in the home is right for the dog in the home and vice versa. Therefore, if the Libra Dog is obliged to sleep in a basket on the floor, then the owner is expected to do the same. Physically, the Libra Dog always appears to be well-nourished...and this canine will make sure he or she stays that way. However, as this dog grows older, there will be a tendency to bulge and spread. Whenever a Libra Dog is out of sorts, with a dry nose and no enthusiasm for anything, the best cure will be twenty-four hours of starvation. The dog will not appreciate it...and an owner may be forced to follow the same non-consummables course...but recovery is often instantaneous when the next calorie-counted meal is delivered. Every ounce saved while the Libra Dog is still a pup will mean an inch or so less in middle age. This is a fact that the Libra Dog would, of course, very much appreciate...if only such could be explained to him or her. The male Libra Dog will spend a lot of time in involvements with the opposite sex, but always in the most delicate and discreet fashion...unless, of course, his owner happens to be a blatant sex maniac. Usually, other dog owners consider the Libra Dog a pleasant and well-controlled animal who is never connected with any misfortunes that may beset their own pets. The female Libra Dog may not be so easy. She will be so afraid of offending any male that shows an interest in her, that she will not know how to say "No." This misguided consideration means that if an owner has no desire to breed a Libra bitch, then she should be spayed...and quickly.

The Libra Dog will adamantly refuse to be banished to an outside kennel, unless the owner is also willing to take up residence within. Thus, this canine will only be truly happy with an owner who is prepared to put himself or herself out for the sake of the dog. The Libra Dog will never stand for being treated like a dog while his or her owner is permitted to live like a person. This canine is remarkably persuasive...some might say even manipulative. He or she can also be ridiculously stubborn. For example, if the Libra Dog does not want to go for "walkies," then there will be a refusal to even budge. Since the Libra Dog models his or her life on that of the owner, if things go wrong then the owner only has himself or herself to blame. In the eyes of this canine, if people do not go outside in the rain to relieve themselves, then the Libra Dog should not have to do so. By the same token, if people eat chicken and roast potatoes, then why should the Libra Dog have nothing but a dull bowl of dry kibble? If the owner entertains a lot, with people coming and going all the time, then the Libra Dog expects the same privilege...except in such an instance, it will be other dogs coming in to add to the fun. If an owner truly cannot handle that and wants to continue to keep this canine as a happy pet, then the only answer will be to cut out the human visitors. Nonetheless, the Libra Dog is possessed of a gentle manner and a great desire to please, usually remaining a loving soul as long as the love is returned. A large degree of affection is important to the Libra Dog and he or she will go to great lengths to display such feelings in the hope that the owner will reciprocate. This canine is not prone to being argumentative and, if tried sorely, will invariably become too frightened of upsetting an owner to show what he or she really feels. However, this does not mean that the Libra Dog will be blind to an owner's bad points. The simple fact is that this is a tactful dog who is very adept at glossing over such shortcomings for fear of losing security.

A Leo native is probably most suited to surviving the demanding standards of the Libra Dog. These two Signs react well and bring out the best in each other rather than the worst. Under normal circumstances, those governed by Gemini and Aquarius also get on well with this canine...but an Aries owner is a huge mistake. The strong character associated with Aries is sure to sap the limited confidence of the Libra Dog, reducing him or her to something of an "apology for a dog" rather than a dog in his or her own right. The Libra Dog also enjoys the company of other dogs, provided there is no obligation to share space with such an animal in the home environment.

The Libra pet makes his or her point in a peaceful fashion, coupled with class and strength. If there are other animals in the household who bicker incessantly, it will be the Libra pet who settles all the dissention. Regardless of species, animals governed by Libra will do everything in their power to keep the peace. By nature, the Libra pet is no fighter, but will often take measures to insure that harmony within the home is properly and regularly maintained. It is not easy to incite an animal ruled by this Zodiac Sign to go into battle, since he or she will usually just try to avoid a squabble or stop one...but on occasion, he or she is obliged to be tough in order to pull this off. Thus, any other pets in the house will certainly harbor a resentful respect for this Libra peacekeeper. However, if there are no other animals in the home, this can result in something of a downside, since Libra thrives on companionship. If an owner is always at home, then the Libra pet will be perfectly content. He or she just needs to know that someone is around...someone to love and nurture him or her. These are very caring and endearing souls who not only require love, but also need an object of love. However, Libra animals do not necessarily seek physical affection and are far from emotionally needy or clinging. By nature, those governed by Libra are quite self-sufficient, provided they are confident in the knowledge that they have a companion...somewhere. In addition, they do not necessarily have to be near an owner all the time. They simply need to know that they belong and that they are part of the family. Though not particularly tactile, the Libra pet does enjoy a gentle tummy rub (or something similar that is suitable for the pet in question) from time to time. Still, for the most part, these creatures would rather be socializing with other pets in the neighborhood or admiring some new toy that their owner could not resist buying for their pleasure and enjoyment. It would be foolish to expect the Libra animal to seek out an owner to engage in a cuddling session. Although the emotional needs here are high, these are generally met by the animal simply sharing an owner's company. As previously stated, these pets are not so much into touching as they are to relating. As long as the Libra animal is not left out and is made to feel part of what is going on, then he or she will be perfectly and happily satisifed. As a general rule, Libra animals are extremely attractive creatures...but it is not always good looks that make these creatures so lovely. It could be the manner in which they stride or prance, or the way they toss their heads, for example. Whatever it may be, the Libra animal will always be an eye-catcher and regardless of species or breed, this pet will stand out as having a certain flair. Animals governed by this Zodiac Sign are undoubtedly charming creatures, blessed with the ability to wrap owners around their paws, claws or hooves in order to get what they want. This can be achieved with such subtlety that an owner will not even be aware of the manipulative and soulful glances...or any other charming attention-getting device that the Libra pet will utilize. These animals harbor a deep-rooted desire to be noticed and wanted. Indeed, these are basic requirements if they are to always feel content and balanced.

Since the Sign of Libra rules the kidneys, it will be vital for the Libra pet to receive plenty of clean and purified water at all times. He or she should be encouraged to drink as often as possible in order to keep the kidneys in tip-top shape and avoid problems related to that area of the body.

Breeds with Libra temperament
Königspudel, Spaniel, Afghane, Dalmatiner, Mops, Chow Chow, Golden Retriever

SCORPIO (October 23rd - November 22nd)

"The Paragon"

There is a great strength of character hidden beneath the silky coat of the Scorpio Dog. On the outside, it will be necessary to watch out for the tail, which is capable of expressing much more feeling that that of any other canine. The Scorpio Dog will be a formidable dog to live up to, since this canine considers himself or herself to be the perfect dog. The life of the Scorpio Dog has but one purpose...self-mastery, which will occupy this canine as long as he or she lives. Sadly, few if any manage to achieve such perfection, often leaving the Scorpio Dog with a personality which is as difficult for the dog to understand as it is for his or her owner. The Scorpio Dog will either be a best friend or a worst enemy. This canine can love or hate with an equally passionate intensity and if this dog is wronged in any way, then he or she will never forget. On the other hand, this canine will also never forget when he or she is treated well. Scorpio traditionally governs secrets and this may be why Scorpio Dogs tend to make the most proficient trackers, being able to sniff-out even the most subtle of scents. Thus, this Sign is an ideal one for Bloodhounds, Cocker Spaniels, or any dogs who need an acute sense of smell. The sexual prowess of the male Scorpio Dog also makes him an excellent breeder. Physically, the Scorpio Dog is thick-set with handsome features, but is not one to reveal feelings through body language. Inscrutable is a word that probably best describes this canine. If the Scorpio Dog is being scolded for some gross misdemeanor, then he or she will calmly sit there as though being told a bedtime story. Moreover, in the midst of a "rant and rave" for any reason, this canine will most probably simply fall asleep. Both genders of this canine will possess a deep interest in mating. Unfortunately, neutering or spaying does not seem to help much...particularly in the female. Some owners claim that the best answer is to allow her to have at least one litter (assuming, of course, that a mate can be found whom the Scorpio bitch is prepared to allow come anywhere near her). The trouble here is that this can cause phantom pregnancies which are almost more difficult to cope with than the real thing.

It will be important for any owner of a Scorpio Dog to remember that as the human, he or she will always be bigger than this canine. Even when the Scorpio Dog attempts to tower over an owner by leaping upon the table, the human should remind himself or herself of that fact. Thus, an owner should be able to keep on top of things and by so doing, will discover that the Scorpio Dog is basically an affectionate canine...beneath his or her prickly exterior. The Scorpio Dog has a tendency to overweight in middle age, so any owner would be well-advised to take great care over the diet while this canine is still a puppy. Later, maintenance levels of food should be given, otherwise the naturally heavy build will look wonderful for a few years and then, almost overnight, become gross and distinctly unattractive. On the whole, the Scorpio Dog will be a healthy specimen with tremendous powers of physical endurance. Thus, he or she is not one to spend long at the vet's office or run up large veterinarian bills. Where there is Scorpio Dog, then there should always be a dog-run house. This house will belong totally to the Scorpio Dog and an owner will be expected to maintain it according to this canine's exacting specifications. The Scorpio Dog demands (and almost certainly gets) a full eight hours of undisturbed sleep every night and those hours of rest will be spent in the warmest and most comfortable place...even if that just happens to be the chair where his or her owner wanted to watch the late night movie. Nearly all Scorpio Dogs are psychic to some extent and despite this canine's ability to remain inscrutable in times of stress, he or she will make it only too clear when something is being "seen" or "heard." This behavior is far from ideal to an owner who possesses a nervous temperament or one who lives alone. Still, most of the invisible beings sensed by the Scorpio Dog will be quite harmless. Only when he or she hides under the bed, too frightened to emerge, will the time have arrived to make that telephone call to the nearest police department.

Socially, Scorpio and Scorpio make for the best combination. The same urge for power is shared, but each will understand where the other is coming from. However, a residence with one Scorpio...let alone two...could never be described as haven of peace and harmony (neither native would want it that way in any event, since life would be far too dull). The Scorpio Dog revels in personality clashes and tension...it provides proof that he or she is growing in strength and improving along the way. The only other individual who would truly stand much of a chance as the owner of a Scorpio Dog would be one governed by Cancer. No human ruled by any other Sign is advised to take the risk...it simply would not be worth it.

The Scorpio pet is a difficult creature to fathom. One minute he or she can be exceedingly seductive...brushing sensually up and down an owner's leg, for instance...and the next, be utterly petulant. In short, animals governed by this Zodiac Sign possess a certain mystique. They are very intense in their feeling, but an owner will not always be aware of it. If a Scorpio pet grows miffed at being shooed away, he or she does not display the hurt by whining or begging for attention. Rather, he or she becomes withdrawn...aloof and cold. The only clue an owner might sense of this disapproval is a fixed and impenetrable stare from the vividly mysterious eyes. The Scorpio animal is the one creature who refuses to try and make amends or smooth things over like most other noble pets try to do. It would be wise not to get too close to an offended or reprimanded Scorpio animal, since he or she could have any number of plans of attack in mind. If another pet in the household has been annoying the animal governed by Scorpio, the latter may tolerate this aggravation for a while, but then one day when least expected, will launch an assault...an assault that could be exceedingly savage in nature. Nevertheless, Scorpio creatures are generally unswervingly loyal and fixedly devoted souls, the likes of which are rarely seen in animals born under any other Sign, with the possible exception of those ruled by Leo. One interesting characteristic about Scorpio pets is that if they feel betrayed or abused by an owner, then they are known to either retaliate in vicious fashion or simply ignore the owner altogether. The Scorpio pet can often appear more human than any of his or her Zodiac cousins due to the petty...yet subtle...means he or she will employ to express scorn. Animals governed by this Sign demand respect and when that respect is disregrded, then these pets will looks for ways to wreak revenge. The feelings of the Scorpio animal are so deep that an owner may often do double-takes, wondering if there could possibly be a human lurking somewhere beneath the outer coat of fur, feathers or scales. For an owner to even contemplate abandonment or giving the Scorpio pet away would result in tragedy. This is a soul who will be devoted to one person and one person only...and such devotion is for life. Scorpio pets have an extremely difficult time is adapting to a different owner...to say nothing of developing any loyalty. Scorpio animals probably differ from pets born under the other Zodiac Signs in that they are usually much less playful and much more serious. They tend to be observant of everything that is taking place. Indeed, an owner may not even be aware that the Scorpio pet is in the vicinity...so quiet will be his or her stealthy movements and overall behavior. Another major characteristic of creatures ruled by Scorpio is possessiveness...with everything, including the owner. No other pet should be allowed to play with his or her toys, lie in his or her bed, eat his or her food, or make any form of overtures toward the owner. To do so will lead to a pet who could become vituperative or just plain mean. Scorpio animals make for wonderful companions, provided they are not provoked and nobody gets in their way. There is a tendency here for the pet governed by this Sign to be rather unsociable. Thus, whether or not there are any other animals in the household is usually of no consequence to the snooty Scorpio pet. He or she will be just as happy being alone, quietly vigilant of all the happenings in the home and making sure that there is no interference with what this animal considers to be personal property

Since the Sign of Scorpio rules the reproductive organs, the Scorpio pet may appear to be more amorous than what is generally thought to be normal. In actual fact, this is the norm for animals governed by Scorpio. Even well into their dotage, Scorpio animals will exhibit an interest in the opposite sex. Hence, spaying and neutering (if appropriate for the species, of course) will be the safest way to avoid potential problems

Breeds with Scorpio temperament
Rottweiler, Dobermann, Schnauzer, Pitbull, Schottischer Deerhound, Jagdterrier, Bulldogge, Hovawart

SAGITTARIUS (November 23rd - December 21st)

"The Problem Dog"

The Sagittarius Dog is a complex character with a basic problem which belongs to this dog alone: to which of the two forces at work within does he or she truly belong...the canine or the equine? Most of the time, the Sagittarius Dog will not know whether to wag the tail or utilize it to keep flies from an owner's face. This will be a restless dog...versatile, easily bored and totally unfathomable. This canine flits from one interest to another, unable to decide what he or she actually likes. The Sagittarius Dog experiences continual internal conflict with divided loyalties and a split personality. Nonetheless, this is a vital creature with a well-balanced body designed for taking energetic exercise. The eyes will be bright and shining, and the nose will be wet and healthy. The feet and ankles of this canine are fine and delicate. Healthier than most other dogs of the Zodiac, the Sagittarius Dog will only come to harm if unable to contain his or her enthusiasm and goes ballistic. It will be aches, sprains, bruises and torn tendons which will keep an owner of this dog going back and forth to the vet's office. Usually controlled, muscular and sturdy, large dogs born under this sign generally fare well...German Shepherds, Labradors and Old English Sheepdogs, for example...as do long-limbed dogs such as the Borzoi or Afghan Hound. An exceptionally brave and lucky canine, the Sagittarius Dog can be a very trustworthy and reliable soul, particularly suited in that event for working with the blind. These dogs are full of character and can easily learn amusing tricks. The Sagittarius Dog (who often believes himself or herself to actually be a horse) will be determined to get to the bottom of everything...the bed, the garbage can or the flower-bed, for instance. This trait often makes the Sagittarius Dog a most unsuitable pet for the houseproud owner, especially if there is limited access to the great outdoors. This is a canine who needs fresh air as other dogs might need constant de-fleaing. When cooped-up or confined, the Sagittarius Dog (much like the archer who is symbolic of this Sign) will know exactly where to aim in order to cause the most discomfort to others with the least personal inconvenience. In short, life with a Sagittarius Dog will never, ever be dull.

The Sagittarius Dog is an independent creature, preferring to make a personal choice with regard to the identity of his or her living companions. The fact that an owner may have paid through the nose, and chosen this canine with great care when he or she was only a small pup, carries absolutely no weight whatsoever. The Sagittarius Dog will either take to an owner or not, based purely and solely upon that individual's merits as a person. If this canine does not find an owner to suit his or her particular taste, then that owner will be treated in the same manner as any other casual acquaintance...with polite aloofness. Even when the Sagittarius Dog does bond with a human, this canine remains somewhat detached. The favored companion will always be a native of Aries (regardless of shape, size or species) since subjects governed by these two Signs share a zest for adventure and relish the frequent arguments that seem to spawn whenever Sagittarius and Aries come together.

The Sagittarius pet enjoys all forms of outdoors activities...hiking, boating or running, for instance. It is far from easy to confine an animal governed by Sagittarius. Anyone who traditionally keeps his or her pet in a cage for most of the time should never own a Sagittarius pet, since the animal will soon become a very sorrowful soul indeed. All beings ruled by this Sign need freedom, openness, fresh air and the ability to move around. Sagittarius is the most physically active Zodiac Sign and all its natives (regardless of species) must live according to those requisites. The more a Sagittarius animal can run, fly, slither, hop, trot or swim, then the happier that creature will be. This pet's physical activity should be restricted as little as possible, since the animal's physical and emotional well-being depend greatly upon being able to be out and about, roaming freely. Here, the pet/owner relationship should be quite healthy. What an owner sees in this animal is exactly what that owner will get. This is an open and enthusiastic soul, sufficiently flexible to try just about anything an owner requires, particularly if any form of movement is involved. Adaptable and active, the Sagittarius pet can be taken anywhere...in a car, boat, plane or recreational vehicle. The constitution of this animal is sturdy, so there will be no worries related to motion sickness or any ailments of that nature. Still, care should be taken that this animal does not push it too far. An owner needs to ensure that the Sagittarius pet gets enough rest in order to maintain his or her high energy level in optimal condition. There are not likely to be many health problems here...other than those that this pet may "run into" while off on an adventure. An owner needs to make sure that he or she knows of this pet's whereabouts at all times, and that protection is provided from any type of danger which could threaten this innocent and child-like creature. Sagittarius animals are known to be accident prone and this should be borne in mind with regard to the somewhat careless and mischievous Sagittarius pet. This is an independent spirit, so there is no need for an owner to be around all the time...although it would be nice for the Sagittarius pet to have a friend to romp with when the owner is nowhere to be found, since this animal is prone to suffer from boredom if there is nothing to do. The animal governed by this Sign is not one to lie quietly. The only thing he or she will be counting on is having fun and if there is any trouble to be gotten into, the Sagittarius pet is sure to find it. Extremely playful creatures, Sagittarius pets never seem to get tired...their energy supply apparently being inexhaustible. Therefore, if an owner does not possess the same type of stamina, then it would be best to get the Sagittarius pet a friendly companion...but one who is equal in energy levels, such as an animal governed by Gemini or Aries or Leo, or even another Sagittarius.

Since the Sign of Sagittarius rules the legs, it is particularly vital that the Sagittarius pet be free to romp around as much as possible. Even if the pet happens not to possess legs...a fish or snake, for example...he or she will still require an abundance of exercise and all the other traits associated with Sagittarius will still apply. For the limbed variety of Sagittarius pet, an owner needs to ensure that the animal's legs remain in top condition...strong and well-formed. A careful watch should be kept for possible ailments such as swelling, bruising, bone breakage or malformation. In general, however, the animal governed by this Sign is healthy overall and the legs are usually his or her strong point. This is an interesting fact, since most areas of the body ruled by specific Signs are rendered vulnerable and weak to those who fall under its jurisdiction. This is not so for subjects of Sagittarius and this is a pet who will be fun and fun-loving...playful, gregarious, happy and constantly active. He or she will rarely tire of anything, except doing nothing

Breeds with Sagittarius temperament
Husky, alle Arten von Windhunden bis zum Afghanen, Beagle, Pointer, Leonberger, Pyrenäen-Berghund, Samojede, Viszla, Malamut.


CAPRICORN (December 22nd - January 20th)

"Der Social Climber"

The Capricorn Dog is driven by ambition and the ability to scale heights. The interest of this canine in...and the understanding of...class and social standing will be totally politically incorrect. With one glance, the Capricorn Dog will sum up a person and no amount of elocution lessons or learned deportment will fool this discerning canine, whose obsession in life is to better his or her present position and move, step-by-step, up the social ladder. Reserved by nature and supremely diplomatic, the Capricorn Dog makes for an amenable pet. It is sometimes said of the Capricorn Dog that he or she looks old from the moment of birth, but improves with age. Canines governed by Capricorn tend to favor those breeds which can withstand cold climates, such as the Saint Bernard or Husky. The practical, earthy nature of Capricorn makes this canine unafraid of hard work but since these dogs are also ruled by the Planet Saturn, they may take an exceedingly long time to complete anything undertaken. "Walkies" with a Capricorn Dog can be infuriating as he or she forever lags behind. There is also a tendency to be stubborn and the commands or calls of any owner are quite likely to be ignored when this canine does not feel like listening. On the other hand, many of the world's most handsome dogs have been born under this Sign and almost every Capricorn Dog approaches perfection in form and build, regardless of breed. The one flaw of this canine might be an overly-long nose coupled with an underslung jaw.

Problems arise with a Capricorn Dog if his or her living standards fail to improve. The older this canine becomes, the more beset by deep depression he or she will be once realization sets in that there is no possible opportunity for social furtherance. Under such circumstances, the Capricorn Dog is liable to adopt a defeatist attitude and will no longer try to please. Ideally, this canine would prefer to be in a favored position enjoyed by such dogs as the Queen of England's Royal Corgis...in other words, right at the top. When found in an average sort of household, thie Capricorn Dog will begin to work on betterment of the current situation and, without the owner even realizing, will gently nudge his or her human along. For example, the Capricorn Dog may make the current house appear so small that a larger one is sought. It is interesting to note that this canine will be particularly eager to please when the owner is dressed in the best of clothing, whereas he or she will be nowhere near as cooperative when an owner chooses to slop around in a robe and slippers, dunking donuts into a cup of tea. In good time, the owner of a Capricorn Dog will gradually get the hang of things...standards will rise, new furniture will be purchased and social occasions will become bigger and more lavish. As the human in this relationship becomes more houseproud, then so will the Capricorn Dog, turning into an immaculate member of the family who never puts a paw out of place. When it comes to social interaction, the Capricorn Dog really comes into his or her own. Unlike most other canines, this dog understands that there must be authority if life is to be smooth and comfortable. The Capricorn Dog will accept that humans rule the roost and quickly adopt the role of a most obedient pet.

A Capricorn Dog coupled with a Capricorn owner will make for a splendid relationship, since both will engage enthusiastically in mutual social climbing, but the most compatible owner will be a native of Virgo. Virgo subjects are sufficiently down-to-earth to keep the more blatant side of the Capricorn Dog under control. Taurus and Libra owners will also get along well with this canine, but Sagittarius would be well-advised to bypass the Capricorn litter.

The Capricorn pet is anything but capricious. There is nothing whimsical about animals governed by this Sign. In short, they are steadfast and reliable. Although this may appear to be a "good deal," these very down-to-earth souls are prone to be rather dull creatures, more inclined to sit around and simply watch while other pets play. This is likely an extremely serious animal...one who also takes life very seriously but, most importantly, takes an owner very seriously. There will not be much in the way of fun and games with this pet and he or she is sure to follow the rules to the letter. Being exceedingly intelligent, the Capricorn animal will quickly learn what is expected of him or her and will execute same with supreme pleasure. Indeed, it is obedience and sense of duty here that probably makes this stoic pet somewhat boring. There is no doubt that he or she thrives on duty and doing what is right. Still, for the owner who prefers an animal that comes with no surprises and does not want to worry about what the creature is getting up to all the time, then the Capricorn pet is an ideal companion. Animals governed by this Sign will learn all the tricks an owner is willing to teach and there will be not one solitary flaw in their performances. They may move a little slowly and their motto might well be, "Better safe than sorry," but these are sure-footed souls and there will probably be no slips-ups on their behalf. The Capricorn pet will not be particularly warm or affectionate. This is a rather rigid animal, but he or she will bestow devotion and loyalty upon an owner. Obedience is also a given, as is impeccable behavior...just not an abundance of licks and/or nudges for affection.

Since the Sign of Capricorn rules the skeleton, knees and teeth, the food offered to this animal should be full of nutrients, vitamins and minerals...especially calcium and magnesium...in order to keep the bones and teeth strong. The Capricorn dog should never be given regular meat bones, since the gristle could get caught in the teeth...or even worse, in the throat. This canine should be offered chewing items that are unlikely to splinter or break into small pieces...chewables that will truly work at keeping the teeth and gums clean and healthy. Animals governed by Capricorn are rarely the most active of creatures, so a special effort needs to made to ensure they get plenty of exercise. This will keep the bones in particular in good condition. The Capricorn animal should never be fed salty foods or this could result in arthritis. Some animals ruled by this Zodiac Sign do require additional salt in their diet...such as rabbits from a salt lick, for example...so it should not be eliminated in such cases, regardless of the governing Sign. It is not uncommon for Capricorn pets to live to a ripe old age and they will probably live longer than animals born under any other Sign, regardless of species. Often, as the Capricorn pet grows older (usually after the age of five), he or she seems to become younger in outlook and attitude. These are animals who tend to start out slow and stodgy...often apparently depressed with no interest in anything...and then, over time, transform into creatures who are spry, upbeat and happy. Indeed, Capricorn is one Sign in which there is a dramatic change in temperament with advancing years. Even though the Capricorn pet might not be the most animated soul in the household (at least in his or her youth), an owner can rest assured that this will certainly be a steadfast, obedient and trustworthy companion...for a very long time.

Breeds with Capricorn temperament
Schäfer, alle Arten von kurzhaarigen Jagdhunden, Rottweiler, Boxer, Bullmastiff, französische Bulldogge und Labrador

AQUARIUS (January 21st - February 19th)

"The Friend"

The Aquarius Dog is determined (albeit in a quiet and inoffensive way) to unearth the truth about everything and everyone. To this canine, knowing a little about anything is tantamount to knowing nothing at all. Thus, he or she can easily be demanding when it comes to sought-after knowledge...but can be aggravatingly slow if an owner is trying to get from Point "A" to Point "B" in a hurry. Thorough, slow, deliberate and painstaking, the Aquarius Dog possesses a stubborn streak that is liable to drive even the mildest of owners quite crazy. Often, this dog possesses traits that even other canines find to be quite peculiar. Usually well-built and often on the tall side for his or her particular breed standard, the Aquarius Dog will have eyes that are deep and set widely apart. The expression is invariably tranquil and on occasion, the head of this dog appears to droop...almost as though the thoughts twirling around inside were all too heavy. This canine makes for a good house dog, being steady and calm, as well as not given to rushing around and creating havoc or chaos. The Aquarius Dog will quietly get on with life...investigating, discovering and wondering. What an owner finds, when he or she catches up with this dog, may well be chaotic, but will have been created peacefully with a definite air of detachment.

The Aquarius Dog enjoys working in the entertainment field, as a circus performer or taking part in a television series...and sometimes appears to be more human than canine in species. However, the heart of this dog truly lies with his or her own kind and this canine is never more delighted than when he or she is running with the pack...albeit somewhat erratically. The happiest Aquarius Dog is one who has been provided as much freedom as possible, for this dog adores to be allowed off the leash. Social interaction is where the Aquarius Dog really comes into his or her own. The home of this dog is likely to be full of friends and acquaintances...not all of whom will necessarily be of the canine persuasion. The most humane of the canine species, people are most assuredly this dog's "thing" and he or she will get on brilliantly with an owner...as well as with everyone else for that matter.

Natives of both Gemini and Libra will greatly intrigue the Aquarius Dog. The airy mental attitude toward life that is inherent in these two Zodiac Signs makes a perfect foil for the Aquarius Dog, serving to calm this canine to some extent and making him or her stop to think occasionally before leaping to conclusions. There will be some minor friction every now and then, particularly when the stubborn side of the Gemini owner gets in the way, but the Aquarius Dog soon manages to find a way around this obstacle and (as usual) will eventually get his or her own way.

The Aquarius pet is something of a live wire, and not just figuratively. These animals tend to be drawn to anything connected with electricity and may often be found stretched out on piles of electrical cords. Very erratic in actions and often described as somewhat "spacey," the Aquarius pet is rarely calm and anything but easy to manage. Unless an owner is a little "off the wall" in character, then he or she will probably find dealing with an Aquarius animal rather a daunting challenge. The energy associated with this Zodiac Sign is prone to make the animals who fall under its jurisdiction very frenetic and frenzied souls, almost as though the electrical impulses in their brains fall victim to constant short-circuiting. The Aquarius pet...as benevolent as this Sign's natives tends to be...is not deliberately uncontrollable. Still, it is difficult for animals governed by Aquarius to gravitate in any one direction. They appear to move in many directions all at the same time. Thus, it will be difficult for this pet to focus on much of anything, including his or her owner. Other than an occasional lick, erratic nudge or frenzied jump when this pet spies the owner, a lot of attention should not be expected. Nonetheless, the Aquarius pet could use as much affection as an owner can muster...for perhaps ten seconds, until he or she experiences another short-circuit and dashes away toward some other destination. Unfortunately, the animal ruled by Aquarius is neither the easiest to control nor the easiest to keep track of. Any owner must make sure that there is no means for this pet to escape from the house or apartment when left alone. If there is an available exit, then the Aquarius animal will surely find it and be gone in the blink of an eye. He or she will probably return...but in his or her own time and by his or her own rules...assuming the way home can be recalled from memory, which is not a sure thing. Independence may be the most appropriate single word to characterize a creature ruled by this Sign. If Aquarius animals are not free to do what they please, then they are sure to let an owner know...and in no uncertain terms. Of all the Zodiac Signs...including the liberty-loving Sagittarius...those ruled by Aquarius harbor the most intense passion for freedom, and when they roam, may travel very far afield. Aquarius animals are prone to be exceedingly friendly to everyone and yet to no one in particular. Indeed, they love everybody in a peripheral fashion...and that includes the owner, so it would be foolish to expect much exclusive cuddly affection from these pets. In essence, animals ruled by Aquarius simply adore an over abundance of excitement, even when there is none, and will somehow think...or hope...that something fun is taking place even if this means they have to act excited all by themselves. If a party is taking place within the home, this pet will happily greet all visitors...in his or her own friendly but detached manner...and is likely to forget the owner's presence altogether. However, this probably will not last very long...perhaps five seconds or less...before the animal is off again in search of something else to do. Even the most mellow of Aquarius pets will be hyperactive, paranoid, neurotic, disobedient and generally not very well-discliplined. Combine all these factors with an extremely short attention and the result is a perfect example of the Aquarius pet...an animal that moves a lot, but does not necessarily go anywhere in particular.

Since the Sign of Aquarius rules the circulation, shins and ankles, this pet needs an environment that is as soothing as possible to his or her psyche. Soft and pleasant music tends to ease the situation somewhat, as does burning incense and dim lights. Indeed, given the penchant of these animals for electricity, it might be wise to keep the use of electrical items to a bare minimum. An owner should strive to be in the company of the Aquarius pet as much as possible. The more alone this animal might be, then the more mischievous, paranoid and depressed he or she is likely to become which, in turn, could lead to greater neurosis. The pet governed by this Sign should have plenty of room in which to move and a safe area where he or she cannot get into anything that could possibly cause harm...especially in the regions around the shins and ankles. Since these are often very disoriented souls, they should be well acquainted with their surroundings and be familiar with the neighborhood. In fact, every Aquarius pet should wear an identification tag...just in case. Despite the short-circuiting effect that frequently afflicts these animals, they are basically exceedingly good-natured creatures and ones who are rarely abrasive or aggressive. They will make every effort to please an owner...although, unfortunately, their endeavors usually fail to take them very far in that regard.

Breeds with Aquarius temperament
Beagle, Bobtail oder Labrador zulegen oder durch Ihr extravagantes Aussehen auffällige Hunde wie etwa Nackthunde, außergewöhliche (freiheitsliebende!) Windhunde bis hin zum über den Dingen stehenden prächtigen Afghanen.

PISCES (February 20th - March 20th)

"The Interpreter"

The Pisces Dog is yet another split-personality canine, pulled in two directions at the same time. When this is coupled with a slight lack of intelligence and deep senstitivity, then the end result is a very complicated dog. An unpredictable soul whose mind changes from one minute to the next, the life of the Pisces Dog will be nothing short of an endless ebb and flow of moods, changeability and contrariness as inner feelings pull him or her in every direction. This canine will hardly ever know if he or she is coming or going...or even been there already. Deep inside, well beyond control, the Pisces Dog is a good dog who truly desires to please. At times, this will be quite obvious and lead to enjoyable experiences. However, in between, when this canine is annoying and inconsistent, things will not be so easy. Physically, there are no particular attributes or peculiarites associated with the Pisces Dog. He or she will be active and playful...on occasion...but unfortunately prone to leg and foot ailments since the ankles and paws tend to be weak. Any sign of limping by this canine should be investigated immediately. Mongrels tend to fare best under the Sign of Pisces, for this is the Sign said to contain qualities from all the other eleven. To be a Pisces Dog is to be a confused soul. It is not unusual to see him or her pacing between the fire, the basket and the bowl.

Basically a water dog, this canine will be desperately unhappy without this element. Probably the favorite outing of the Pisces Dog would be a walk by the sea shore...especially if a meal of fish is on the agenda. However, if an owner does not live near the coast or have a pond in the garden, then it will be necessary to fill the tub on a relatively frequent basis. Ideally, the Pisces Dog would like to live on a floating home...anything from an ocean liner to a narrow boat. Marooned on dry land in an ordinary house, he or she will make the most of anything wet that can be found. Country walks have a tendency to turn into swimming galas as this dog rolls in every puddle and will run for miles to find a stream. The Pisces Dog becomes extremely excited at the sight of rain and when an owner takes a bath or shower, it is not unusual for the Pisces Dog to join in the ablutions. He or she will also come running with every flush of the toilet. Generally, the life of a Pisces Dog will be spent by putting his or her paw into it, while the other half will be concerned with trying to mend the situation. Forceful and pushy one minute, this dog is gentle, retiring and loving the next.

As owners, natives of Cancer and Scorpio stand the best chance of seeing the good side of the Pisces Dog rather than the bad. Cancer's sense of humor will be an immense help to the relationship, while Scorpio will be so besotted with the Pisces Dog that he or she will simply fail to see the contrary patches and life will be the proverbial "bed of roses."

The Pisces pet is known for the gentle and soulful expression of the eyes. Regardless of species, the animal governed by Pisces will exhibit a kind of inner beauty and demonstrate characteristically benevolent attributes. By tradition, the Sign of Pisces is representative of service, but not so much dutiful service as sacrificial service. This is the brand of service that is totally unconditional and carried out for the sole purpose of aiding those in need. Many seeing-eye dogs fall under the jurisdiction of Pisces. This does not necessarily mean that the only purpose in the life of a Pisces animal is to provide some type of sacrificial service to his or her owner, but of the twelve Zodiac Signs, Pisces appears to be the most evolved to manage such a destiny. The Pisces pet will undoubtedly be gentle, vocally soft, tenderly affectionate and rather fragile. Here, both the physical and emotional make-ups are not known to be the particularly strong. These animals are sensitive to upsets in the home...emotional outbursts, for instance...as well as to ailments in their bodies. A salient trait in the pet ruled by this Sign is that he or she will be extraordinarily intuitive or even psychic, in a sense. An owner may well be utterly bewildered by the sensitivity of the Pisces pet...a sensitivity that oftentimes appears to be otherworldly. The Pisces animal is very attuned to his or her owner and when a bond is formed in the relationship, there are certain to be some very awesome experiences in store. This applies even more to animals, since they are not blocked by the concerns of materialism. In short, members of the Animal Kingdom are infinitely more in tune and in sync with the ways of the Universe than the majority of the human race. The Pisces pet is apt to do things...or even express things...to his or her owner in a fashion that amazes the mind. He or she has a way of communicating with an owner that is uncanny and almost eerie...although many humans fail to understand this or tend to scoff at the idea. Nonetheless, such a psychic connection is a wonderful experience for an owner fortunate enough to have a pet born under this Sign. The health of the Pisces animal is far from robust and this is a pet who tends to be rather frail. Perhaps in order to connect with a "higher dimension," it is necessary to be more etheric and not as physically strong. These animals need to be treated with as much tenderness as is possible to muster. They truly live for their owners and should be shown exactly how much this is appreciated. The air temperature should not be too extreme for Pisces pets...neither too hot nor too cold. Regardless of species, they should be fed a lighter diet rather than a lot of heavy foods. If the animal must eat large quantities of food, then that food needs to be highly nutritious but not taxing on the delicate Pices system.

Since the Sign of Pisces rules the feet, then paws, claws, hooves and any equivalents must be kept well-manicured and clean with neatly-trimmed nails (where applicable). Feet should be checked periodically for burrs or any other little annoyances that can become imbedded in that area of the body. If not tended to immediately, these problems may result in something far more serious. Indeed, the Pisces pet will be more vulnerable to such ailments since, so to speak, it is his or her Achilles heel. A relationship with a Pisces companion can be most rewarding to an owner. There will be bonding on a level that defies explanation but then, nothing needs to be explained. Both pet and owner will...somehow...simply understand

Breeds with Pisces temperament
Bichon frisé, Bloodhound, Collie, Saluki, Cocker-Spaniel, Labrador-Retriever etc.

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