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A rather sad event, the death of her beloved dog Blacky, brought us in contact with  Christa Gary. As she could not overcome the emptyness caused by Blackys death, she wanted to have another doggy friend as soon as possible. She was interested in one of our puppies out of our L-litter. Unfortunately all puppies were already gone. I gave her some names of miniature schnauzer breeders that had litters at that time. Shortly before the CACIB show in Innsbruck, in August 2006, Christa happily told me that she had found a puppy and that the breeder would bring it to Innsbruck.

Christa, Niki & Hardy

Christa & Niki

From her early childhood, Christa was very much drawn to all kind of animals. She had inhertited this passion from her father. As a professional ranger, he brought insured animals home to care for. From little abandoned rabbit babies, to insured deer to stray cats and dogs. As the animal welfare inspector of the city of Baden, he also was resonsible for the foundation of the animal shelter in Baden. He had dedicated his live to collect money, and after it had finallly opened, he run the shelter together with his wife, until his death.

As a child, Christa was raised with cats only, as her step father didn't like dogs. But as soon as she was married, the first dog came into her house. A middle sized bitch, named Corry. It didn't take long until she got a second dog. Together with her youngest son Christa went to the opening ceremony of her father animal shelter and went home with the german shephard crossbread Senta und a persuan cat named Molly. Corry and Senta became very best friends with Chistas 3 sons. Corry reached an age of 17 years, unfortunately Senta could only stay for 3 years, she died too early in her 7th year. A new playmate for Corry, a german shephard crossbread brought from animal shelter as well, also died after a short time, having suffered from breast cancer.


definitely a Schnauzer cross bread

For some time, while Christa was building her house in a beautiful garden residence, she didn't have a dog. But right after the house was finished, she intended to get a new one from the animal shelter again. But before she could do that, she was pleasantly surprised by the landlords of Christas favourite pub, where she always used to read the animal rescue column in the local newspaper. They presented her with a "Christmas present". A little bundle of dog named Blacky. He developed into Christas new "child". Blacky the Schnauzer crossbread was the nastiest dog in dog school, but his heart was at the right place. He was Christas most loyal companion for years. 5 years later, Blacky got a playmate, a cat named Speedy. The two of them became a dream couple, loving each other dearly.

Blacky & Speedy

Hardy & Speedy

When Christa lost her beloved Blacky after 16 Jahren years, a part of her and Speedy died with him. 4 days later she just could not cope with the emptyness any more, she needed another dog. The decision to look for a Miniature Schnauzer was influenced a bit by Christas partner who used to know this breed and admired its character. Besides that Christa was sure that it would be a smaller copy of Blacky. Maybe her interest in this breed was further influenced by my own admiration for it, however finally, a Miniature Schnauzer it should be. 

Hardy Rezlark


In August 2006 the 3 months old miniature schnauzer boy Hardy Rezlark moved into Christas house and extremely well kept garden. An very good behaving dog that never damaged one peace of the beautifully kept flower beds (unlike our own dogs, who love digging holes everywhere). Hardy is very good with other dogs and also best friend with Speedy the cat. Although he had suffered from Blackys death as well, he got used to this little schnauzer bundle.

Hardy is very good in og school and has already passed the exams for companion dog basic and advanced. At first, Hardy also loved agility, unfortunately since summer 2008, he suffers from advancing Patella disease and therefore is not allowed to do a lot of sports now. This made Hardy very sad and he barely went out of the house lately. The best cure for a sad heat however, is a doggy playmate, preferrably a Miniature Schnauzer of course.

Nikolaus Peppersdegabritho


Niki & Hardy

Niki & Hardy


Niki & Nimmersatt

Nimmersatt, Minnie, Wuzi, Lilly, Pepper, Jacob, Emi, Niki & Hardy (f.l.t.r.)

In Memoriam: 

18. November 2008 um 23:00 Uhr verstarb Kater Speedy, der beste Freund von Niki und Hardy, völlig unerwartet und viel zu früh. Sein Frauchen und sein Herrchen trauern gemeinsam mit unseren beiden Schnauzerbuben um ihren treuen Lebensgefährten.

Der stolze Speedy soll in Frieden ruhen. Er wird immer in Herzen und Gedanken seiner zwei- und vierbeinigen Freunde bleiben. 


April 18th, 1997 - November 18th, 2008
Rest in Peace Speedy